Youth parties needed for a safe New Year: head of the Security Council

It will take events for young people during the New Year, according to Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and head of the Security Council. If there is nothing for the young people to do, it will be “a very difficult challenge” to ensure safety that evening, he told the AD newspaper.

“Let’s not be naive and think that if we say that nothing is allowed, people will do nothing. If something happens, it is better that it be directed and supervised by an educator, the community police officer or someone from the municipality. Otherwise it will be the Wild West and I will have to ask the police and law enforcement to fine all these people, then in terms of enforcement it will be a really big challenge.

Bruls hopes that it will soon be known whether or not it will be possible to organize something. He doesn’t know what kind of party to throw. “Can I leave the creativity to someone else? I’m not here to entertain everyone. If people want to play bingo outside or sing a little bit, I leave that to them. But it has to. be on a small scale. “

Police agree that youth activities are a good idea. “Of course, it helps if there are activities for young people,” police chief Aart Garssen of the Gelderland-Zuid police told the newspaper. “This has also manifested itself in other years. Everything will be different this year. Although we do not yet know what will be allowed. Despite the fireworks ban and the distancing rules, the police deployment will not be less. It remains very strong. “

The Security Council is made up of the mayors who lead the 25 security regions in the Netherlands. Security regions are responsible, among other things, for local security and public order.

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