[Year in Review 2021] Art as creation, communication, culture

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Artists, musicians, gallery owners and organizers of festivals and exhibitions share with us their thoughts on the diversity of art and the role of the public. Check out last year’s art quote compilations here, as well as this year’s quotes on the beauty of art, the journey of an artist, and resilience in the face of a pandemic.

We have divided the 35 quotes in this compilation into five categories: appreciation of the visual arts, music, other forms, art and society, and art in India.

The quotes and photos in this compilation are taken from articles from our weekend PhotoSparks section on art and design, as well as other articles from HerStory, SocialStory and YourStory Weekender. See also our compilations of quotes on the occasion of World Art Day, World Heritage Day, World Music Day, International Jazz Day, and World Photography Day.

Your story wishes the artistic community a Good year to come, with great success, fulfillment and commitment!

Artist – Suruchi Jamkar

Art appreciation

When you bring home an artwork from a charitable fundraiser, you will cherish that memory of making a difference every time you see the painting or sculpture. – Sapna Kar, TheCurators.Art

Knowing the artist, the emotion behind the work and the meaning of the expression often creates a much greater appreciation for their work. – Avik Bandyopadhyay, MayinArt

Art Appreciation brings you a new pair of glasses that gives you unlimited visual experiences. – Jee Yuan Lim, Chitra Santhe

Art is everywhere and is closely integrated into people’s lives – but many live in ignorance or are too busy to observe art. – Madhulika Jain, Chitra Santhe

Art must be seen and experienced. – Ashish Anand, DAG

The story behind the art is sometimes as, if not more, important than the tangible interpretation of this process. It gives you so much more context on the struggles of the time, its historical relevance, and the thinking behind the work. – Arjun Guleria, the Society for the Appreciation of Art

The purpose of art is for the artist to express himself and for the audience to express in response. It’s a two-way street! – Sanjana Shah, Tao Art Gallery

Artist – Ashwini R

The true impact of a painting is felt in person. When you can stare at a painting for hours and fall in love with it, it’s much more intense and real. – Geetanjali Kapoor, Chitra Santhe

Everything that touches your heart is art, and it is present in our daily life. Slow down, look around and you will feel it. – Rohini Choudhary, Chitra Santhe

It is necessary to introduce students to ceramics, photography, weaving and many other various art forms. This will produce an inherent attitude towards the appreciation of art among people of a nascent stage. – Khanjan Dalal

The public can do wonders for artists. Many folk arts only gained popularity with good audiences. – Ritu Sondh, Kala Alankar

Art must touch people, inspire them towards creativity, reality and acceptance. The appreciation of art will then improve on its own. – Deepali S

When people respect the efforts of artists and do not negotiate when purchasing artwork, the appreciation of all art forms will increase. – Manisha Raghunath, Chitra Santhe

Mario Canonge (Martinique) – Borneo Jazz Festival


Music is not just an element of well-being. It is a powerful tool, capable of creating large-scale transformation. – Bindu Subramaniam, SAPA

Music is the universal language … it brings people together. – Ella Fitzgerald

Music is an eternal and living flame that knows no borders. – Eugene Clifford Suboh, O-HA Soul Band

There is always a need to evolve. If you are a music composer, your job is to listen to others and get their validation and approval. – Alokananda Dasgupta

While singing is preferred as a career, songwriting and producing songs is a much less explored space. – Nikhita Gandhi

Jazz inspires creativity and freedom. As a classically trained violinist I wanted to explore other worlds and this led me to jazz. – Nisa Addina, BJF 2021

Jazz is a beautiful balance between brilliance and endless creativity on the way to creating a masterpiece. – Eugene Clifford Suboh, O-Ha Soul Band

The stars are only thought of as the pinnacle of success, but there are a lot of people who are busy within the [music] industry and successfully live fulfilling lives. – Ashutosh Pathak, a real school of music

Busi N’Cube – Forde Festival in 2021

Other art forms

History is queen… and the writer is the maker of queens. – Krishna Udayasankar, A Hit scenario

In comedy, when you’re playing with other people, that’s when you make good jokes. – Saloni Gaur

The camera isn’t everything, don’t think that an expensive camera is going to give you a really good picture. – Navaneeth Unnikrishnan

There is always a mix of conventional and contemporary elements, but regardless of their imagery preference, the photographs will always bring back memories of times past, but deeply cherished. – Shrey Bhagat, KBWPV

Artist – Anna KrzemiÅ„ska

Art and society

Art can be used to start a dialogue and inspire people to address social issues and issues. – Ruble Nagi, RNAF

Art, along with architecture, is a testimony to humanity, a mirror of its society, its politics and its aesthetics. – Ashish Anand, DAG

Our cultural heritage as a society must be judged by the art we create and leave to posterity. – Edem Elesh, Chitra Santhe

Once done, save your work so that your soul’s voice inspires someone else to listen to their own soul’s voice, even centuries later. – Geeta Arya, Chitra Santhe

The cultural and creative economy represents more than 3% of global GDP. – Abhishek Mukherjee, NICE

Art is a reflection of our time, but it can also focus us, question certain values, and certainly inspire us. – Kishore Singh, DAG

The idea [of a fundraising exhibition] is to spread messages such as peace of mind, non-violence, good humor and helping others. – Mamta Bora, Kala Alankar

Artist – Arun Kumar KV

Art and India

Indian art defies all easily shaped silos to carve out a confident assertion of its own identity. – Ashish Anand, DAG

We need to look at markets beyond Mumbai and Delhi as the art buying market is growing rapidly. – Sapna Kar, TheCurators.art

India is fortunate to have a very wide variety of arts and crafts. -Shibani Jain, Baaya Design

The reason Indian art forms are dying today is because the profession is not economically viable. – Kartikeya Goel, Karfa

Art in all its forms is best appreciated when it becomes the culture of a nation. – Anita Hasurkar, Chitra Santhe

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