What to do in Ahmedabad this weekend?

To do on Saturday

Satisfy the artist in you

It’s time to get into the festive spirit, if you haven’t already, and here’s where to start. Join the Lippan Art Mirror workshop and create your own object to show your family and friends. Lippan kaam, also known as mud mirror (usually comprising clay and camel dung) is a traditional art form of Kutch, mainly practiced by the Rabari community of the region. Lippan kaam is embellished with ‘Aabhlaa’ (small pieces of mirror). You’ll take home a beautifully handcrafted 14″ x 14″ piece.

Age: 15+

When: August 27-28, 3-6 p.m.

Where: 079|Stories, opposite Shashwat Bungalows, Rajpath-Rangoli Road, Bodakdev

Admission: On registration

Call: 97274 65599, 98795 65573


Witness Gael force of art

Meet at the charming Alliance française d’Ahmedabad to attend the exhibition “Ahmedabad, je t’aime”, by the director of the AF, Gaël de KERGUENEC, which opens this evening in the premises of the institute. . Artist, linguist, painter and poet, Gaël has been traveling and discovering the world for many years, working in many countries, particularly in Europe, America and Asia where he was inspired by local cultures and languages ​​to enrich his art. . What makes ‘Ahmedabad, Je t’aime’ special is that Gaël is a French artist who spent four years in the city. As the director is leaving soon, he has decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of paintings to the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad. PS: Apart from soaking up all the art, you can also indulge in the food and dancing!

When: Today, 7 p.m.

Where: Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad, next to FCI, Himali Tower lane, near Shyamal Crossroad, Satellite

Admission: Open to all

Call: 079 26733800/900


Attend a conference

Culture Fest’, an interesting event starting tonight, presented by Hutheesing Visual Art Center and Astanzi, covers art, design, music, theater and literature. Today, a talk entitled “Curating in Context: Design Histories in South Asia” will be given by Tanisha Khachru, Senior Faculty, Exhibition Design, NID Ahmedabad. She will talk about “histories of South Asian design in the curatorial context. His research interests are in design histories from an environmental perspective, digital heritage interpretation and heritage discourses in smart cities”.

When: Today, 5:30 p.m.

Where: L&P Hutheesing Visual Arts Center, KL Campus, Navrangpura

Admission: Open to all, RSVP required

Call: 63547 69839, 95585 94741


Watch Meghadootam

As part of the first-ever Sanskrit literature festival in Amdavad, Nrityabharti Performing Arts presents a nrityanatika tonight on poet Kalidas’ famous work, “Meghdootam”. The two-day festival – organized by Sanskrit Vidyaprathishthanam, Eklavya Sanskrit Academy and Gujarat Sahitya Academy – will see scholars, poets, students and artists from across the state come together to celebrate the ancient language and try to make it more relevant in today’s times. . Coming to the show, the dance drama was choreographed by dance gurus Chandan and Nirali Thakore.

When: Today, 7:15 p.m.

Where: Nehru Foundation,

Admission: Open to all


You can recycle your paper

Did you know you could do this? Nope? Then here’s where you’ll learn how to do it and enjoy it. At The Hive, you can recycle your pasti to create upcycled paper. Bring wads of paper and buckets of water, choose from colored pastes and inclusions, screens and bridges, and get busy making paper. Explore an eco-friendly option by recycling discarded papers. Participants will learn how recycled materials can be made into paper pulp, use other suitable materials to create textures, embossments, watermarks, gradient papers, paste paint, visual artist and educator artistic Khushboo. Turn your waste into beautiful handmade paper!

AGE: 8 to 98 years old

When: Saturday to Sunday, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: The Hive, 11, Ashwamegh Bungalows, Part II, Off Satellite Road

Admission: On registration

Call: 98983 38683


Get your dose of party clothes

Navratri might be a month away, but we Gujaratis start our preparation well in advance. From our dance moves to our outfits and jewelry, it’s time to get it right. Visit the Gypsy Rose exhibition which “brings labels from all over India” to the delight of garba lovers. And yes, there is something for everyone here, even the little ones can choose the trendiest stuff from here.

When: Today, from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Bohemian Gallery,

Admission: Open to all


Make Gannu eco-responsible

Little geniuses, listen up! Here is a workshop to entertain and have fun. As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, sign up for this eco-friendly Ganesha-making workshop at Gammat Café. You will join a group of like-minded attendees and play with clay to create your own Ganesh idol before the festival. Remember to go there armed with your creativity and imagination!

AGE: 7 years and over

When: Today, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Gammat Kids Café, La Maison de MG, Lal Darwaza

Admission: On registration

Call: 079 2550 6946


4 things to do on Sunday

Participate in the reading session

Bibliophiles, listen up! Here’s your chance to meet like-minded people and be part of “Anthropocene Convergence”, reading sessions with Krishna Parikh, “about our current climate crises and how we humans have caused them” . During the first session on Sunday, Parikh will focus on the 2019 book, “The Uninhabitable Earth”, by David Wallace-Wells, which talks about the consequences of global warming. Parikh is the co-founder and architect of Compartment S4, and has been actively involved in various sustainable architecture projects.

Meanwhile, in its weekly film showcase, Arthshila is showing Simit Bhagat’s “In Search of Bidesia”. This is a musical documentary on “Bhojpuri folk music which links the history of indentured labor migration from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to the last living musicians in these states, who are now struggling to make these songs of love and nostalgia do not fall into oblivion”. .

When: Film screening – August 27 and 28, 11:30 a.m.; Reading session – Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Where: Arthshila Ahmedabad, 2G, AMA opp, Vastrapur

Admission: Open to all

Call: 079 4844 8118


Enjoy the ‘sport Sunday’

What’s on your Sunday to-do list – nothing yet? Then we suggest you join some fun sport at SciKnowSports, an event organized by SciKnowTech and Kreedatantra, in association with Gujarat University and GUSEC to celebrate National Sports Day? You can relax with fun sports and also understand the science behind it with interesting and unique activities.

AGE: Open to all, children (7 to 14 years old), parents, athletes and health enthusiasts

When: Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Where: Lawn in front of GUSEC (Gujarat University Start-up & Entrepreneurship Council)

Admission: Upon free registration

Login: tinyurl.com/National-SportsDay-2023

Call: 98255 05969


Visit ‘Urge’ by female artists

Four female artists – Jigna Gaudana, Gayathri Kiran K, Namrata Sneha and Santa Rakshit – presented their works in the “Urge” exhibition at the iconic Amdavad ni Gufa. All artists have their distinct style and personality which is reflected in their works. From being fascinated by nature since childhood to portraying emotions through self-portraits, they were inspired by their lives and surroundings. Remember to visit the exhibition and talk with the artists to understand their works in detail. It will be an interesting time spent at the gallery.

When: Until August 28, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: Amdavad ni Gufa, opposite Gujarat University, Navrangpura

Admission: Open to all


Celebrate the art here

All roads will lead tonight at the L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Center. The “Shaame Art Show” exhibition – which was opened on Thursday by Gujarati actor Aarjav Trivedi – is on display at the gallery with 25 artists, who exhibited some of their best works. It is a mix of exciting works that attract a dekko of art lovers.

When: Until August 28, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: L&P Hutheesing Visual Arts Center, KL Campus, Navrangpura

Admission: Open to all

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