VZ) partners with HyperOffice in the Cloud


Verizon Communications Inc. has partnered with HyperOffice, a leading global cloud-based communication and collaboration service provider, based in Rockville, Md., to distribute and promote its innovative Share.to communications application using the Verizon Cloud infrastructure .

Share.to suite is a solution that allows users to meet, share ideas and chat using any collaboration system in their individual workspaces.

Verizon will help improve scalability.

The suite enhances other HyperOffice collaboration, content and communications software product offerings. Pankaj Taneja, Marketing Director of HyperOffice, says the software can be used with the HyperOffice Social suite.

In concise terms, Share.to does not replace other existing tools, but on the contrary, it increases them.

Large teams using Share.to, which easily integrates with file storage apps like Google Apps, Dropbox, Office 365, and Box, can easily retrieve an image, document, or file in the conversation in seconds.

Verizon Cloud allows users to access or make changes to their content using a variety of devices through its sync and backup feature.

Through partnership with Verizon Communications Inc., HyperOffice will provide extended teams with the ability to visually participate in the workflow through multiple modes of communication, regardless of their preferred channel.

It is also part of an emerging digital trend.

“Over the past few years we have witnessed a distinct change in the way work is done. The way work is done quickly changes from internally focused teams, where employees within the same organization use the same collaboration platform, to large teams consisting of employees, freelancers, clients and other stakeholders, all using different collaborative tools that need to work together, ”Taneja notes, in a press release.

Current offers are mostly scattered.

Currently, extended teams rely on tools like ad hoc conferencing, emails, and a mishmash of various third-party software, making them more difficult to use. Compliance is also an issue.

However, Share.to offers features like video and audio conferencing, chatting and data sharing regardless of the source, even though it is a secure workspace.

Members of extended teams can be included or removed from workspaces depending on the needs of the task.

Founded by Shervin Pishevar and Drew Morris in 1999 with backing from venture capital firm Strategic Technology Investors, HyperOffice has grown by leaps and bounds and is now looking to expand its global reach.

The company; which was one of the first to develop groupware with When.com (acquired by AOL) and Jump.com (later acquired by Microsoft), is in talks with potential partners to expand its global user base .

The Verizon deal, in Taneja’s words, will help synergize with its HyperOffice’s cloud-based communications suites and Verizon’s delivery capabilities. Additionally, the Verizon Cloud infrastructure has high-end security and performance capabilities, making it the best platform to deliver Share.to to its customers.

This makes them the best cloud provider that can help quickly grow Share.to.

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