Visual artist Josh Valjan encourages budding artists to pursue their passion and keep creating

Over the past decades, the LGBTQ community has made significant achievements in ensuring acceptance and inclusion of its members in all spheres of life. However, some prejudices persist against the community, with individuals often shunned and harassed due to many of the stigmas and stereotypes implicit in society.

To empower LGBTQ+ young adults, encourage positivity, and preach queer inclusivity in the arts and culture industry, feisty artist and founder of The Valjan Art Collection, Josh Valjan, shares his inspirational story . “I had a very difficult road to success. But, I take it one day at a time, always working towards my goals. I have been resilient through all the challenges I have faced,” he shares. -he.

Born to immigrant parents in Brooklyn, NYC and raised in Queens before moving to Florida, Josh Valjan is a gay man and creative artist with a passion for colorful brushstrokes. Josh always had a love and passion for the arts growing up. He began drawing and painting in high school, drawing inspiration from his surroundings and learning new techniques for new projects. “Drawing and painting put me in my happy place. I will always have a passion for the visual arts. I will always draw and paint. It feeds my soul,” he shares.

However, unlike many artists, Josh doesn’t just want to create; it is intentional to create original pieces. “I paint with intention,” he says. “I want to communicate a message and a feeling, so I put a lot of passion and dedication into my art. It’s about making those specific choices with the brushstrokes, using different brushes, and changing the direction of the strokes. brush to modify the paint. What I love about the work I’ve already created is how unique it is. Every piece,” he says.

As important as creating meaningful and original projects, Josh is careful not to be a perfectionist. Instead, he stays disciplined with his creative arts, making sure to have fun while painting and never giving up on a project halfway through. He works on a project to completion, making it look its best. His peers and clients admired his dedication and skillful strokes of pencil and brush. Customers often take photos of where they hung the artwork in their home.

In addition to his thriving private art collection, the go-getter owns a merchandise business, which will soon launch his swimwear collection. Building on his success in the artistic world, Josh Valjan encourages budding artists to follow their passion and stand out. “If you want to be a successful artist, you have to give it your all. The world of visual arts can be very competitive. You stand out if you are simply yourself. Create the art you want to create. Be unique. Do something different. People don’t want to see something done before.

He also encourages them to seek collaborations in the art world. “A great way to get your artwork seen is to contact your local cultural alliance. Check in with them on their terms and conditions. Most of them will take a percentage of your commission when your artwork sells. But they will review your art and, if they like it, contact local businesses, such as malls, airports, doctor’s offices, etc. “, he explained.

In the coming years, the powerhouse actor wants to open a physical art gallery, a physical place where people can go to see his art. “Success doesn’t happen overnight. It took me years to get to where I am now in my life. I was persistent and consistent. Having your business can be very difficult. Building a brand is a challenge. You have to go all-in or nothing. Always remember why you started it and keep that vision alive.

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