Unconditional freedom at home and in the world

The other basic demonstration projects of the Unconditional Freedom project, love at the table and The Earth programwork in conjunction with From prisons to monasteries promote an ecology of restorative practices.

love at the tablefor example, helps restore the dignity of the poor and homeless by serving them nutritious, well-prepared, ethical and elegant settings, reflecting the dining experience of high-end farm-to-table restaurants.

The Earth program develops environmentally sustainable farming and farming and land use practices on the Earth and partner farms in Mendocino County, and provides food from these farms to love at the table. He also works in prisons to establish prison-based green projects to reclaim undeveloped land on prison campuses for resident-run gardens and apiaries.

The Unconditional Freedom Project’s integrated approach to restoring human dignity among marginalized populations and restoring natural habitats is guided by the eco-restoration efforts of award-winning documentary filmmaker and pioneering conservationist John Liu. Liu is a consultant for the Unconditional Freedom Project and presented its prison eco-restoration program at the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration in January 2022. Liu’s vision for ecological restoration considers the mission of recovering abundant functionality of the earth as the key to human survival.

“After decades of observation and study of Earth’s natural ecological systems and the consequences of human impact on Earth’s biodiversity, hydrological function, fertility, and climate regulation,” Liu argues, “my conclusion is that the size of the solution must equal the scale of the problem. To ensure our success, we cannot just tackle the easy tasks, we must learn to choose to restore the hardest states , the most difficult, the most degraded.

We bury our waste in landfills.

We bury our “trash” people in prisons.

The result, on a large scale, is that we have a massive and complex waste problem that crowds out nature, and we have a huge problem of human waste creation that crowds out opportunities for restoration and societal flourishing.

Unconditional Freedom Project is entirely dedicated to fundamentally healing the ills facing society – understanding that by “re-saving” nature and “re-humanizing” human society, man and nature can thrive.

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