Two Tallahassee DJs Compete To Be The Country’s Top College DJ

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Make your way to the top.

The National Collegiate Performance Arts (NCPA) Virtual DJ Competition is currently underway and includes students from FAMU and FSU.

Give performing arts students the chance to achieve the same glory as varsity athletes, bragging rights and $ 10,000.

For those who like to hang out in Tallahassee, you can see your favorite DJs at some nightclubs, but for two of Tallahassee’s most popular college DJs, you can find them competing nationally.

FAMU’s DJ Zoe Crazy and FSU’s DJ Xander have built a sizable fan base in Tallahassee. So much so that they were both called to compete to become the best college DJ in the country.

“Not only was it a way to have friendly competition against other DJs in other schools, but it was just a way to just be able to play for another audience that I didn’t interact with,” shared DJ Xander.

The one-of-a-kind competition that gives a sensation of madness to performing artists walking to shine.

“Upstaged is the NCAA / ESPN of middle and high school performing arts,” said Stephan Hartman, CEO of NCPA and UPSTAGEDU. “We are empowering these students to compete and achieve the same glory that varsity athletes have had all these years. “

Dj Xander lost in the “Cue 32” round but remains as a joker. DJ Zoe Crazy has hit the “Spinning 16” round and knows her support system is a big reason why.

“That means everything for this competition and I would say my support system is, you know, hard to find,” says DJ Zoe Crazy. “I know a lot of DJs, I know DJs that have really good support but my support system, yes, they are definitely top notch.”

The winner of the contest can share their winnings with a charity close to their hearts. DJ Zoe Crazy chose We Stand Together INC., A charity created by her late mother who died of color cancer. DJ Xander chose the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease because the disease affects his family.

These contributions make the competition even more interesting.

“It’s what gets alumni moving, it’s what makes it all,” said Debra Ganz, director of talent logistics at NCPA. “Forget about charities, it’s a no-brainer, but having rivalry in the same state is what adds to the fun and excitement and that’s why we’re here.”

And with Tallahassee and LA being the only two cities with multiple applicants, it shows that talent can be found regardless of location.

“So if you look at FSU, FSU is consistently ranked in the top ten party schools in the country, so that’s one aspect and you know the number one HBCU public, so you already know how it goes,” DJ said. . Mad Zoe.

Regardless of the end of this competition, both guys tell me they are proud to represent Tallahassee as two of the top 32 college DJs in the country.

DJ Zoe Crazy and DJ Xander will learn if they will continue competing after the New Year.

You can check out both DJ Xander and DJ Zoe Crazy here on Instagram and if you want to vote and support the guys in the competition and check out the next rounds you can do that here.

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