The theory of quantum gravity revives old ideas “a universe without beginning”


The “big bang” or the massive expansion of things 14 billion years ago. Many believe that this is the origin of the universe. Hard to imagine that without the Big Bang, would there still be a universe that would have given birth to the Earth and to humans like us?

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Recently a physicist from the University of Liverpool in the UK. Sophisticated concepts such as quantum gravity (QG) have been used to prove the possibility of the existence of the universe as we have always seen. It turns out that there is no beginning and no big bang. Or if the Big Bang really exists, it is a consequence.

This unconventional idea is tantamount to reviving old beliefs in some cultures that the universe is eternal without an origin and may never die.

A new theory of quantum gravity

Bruno Bento, a physicist studying the nature of time at the University of Liverpool. The author of the above research, now published in the online academic archives, says he has developed a new theory within the framework of quantum gravity. Named “Theory of Kossel sets”

According to the new theory, space-time can be divided into smaller and smaller units until there are fundamentally indistinguishable units of space-time. Like the atoms of the elements, we can use this basic space-time to find the origin of the universe or of the universe itself.

According to the theory of relativity, space-time is woven into a continuous piece.

Causal theory was developed from the concept of quantum gravity. Indeed, such quantum concepts can explain physics problems at the particle level. Einstein’s general theory of relativity cannot be explained. Including the problem of “singularity” (singularity) or gravity at the smallest point of infinite density. They are only found in the centers of black holes and at the start of things like the Big Bang.

Dr. Bento believed that at the basic level, space-time could divide like atoms, without a continuous weaving of a fabric as we imagine the universe and the real world today. The possibility of when and where two events follow one another. Will be limited immediately

A new perspective on such space-time is like looking through a magnifying glass on your computer screen. This will result in a magnified image that will immediately separate from the rest of the screen. Unlike the naked eye, all screen images are interconnected.

There is no beginning of time

Dr. Bento also explains that given causal theory, the passage of time is characterized by a wide range of physical characteristics. Instead of being a summary or an illusion. “

“In this conceptual framework, the universe is only the development of an elementary unit of space-time. As a primary particle gradually grows, there is no unity or infinite origin in this state, for there can never be anything smaller than the size of l primary space-time.

“Such a theory is mathematically practical. This means that neither the origin nor the Big Bang is a prerequisite for the existence of the universe. There must have been something long before the Big Bang.

“Our study shows that it is infinitely long and infinite. The Big Bang was not a start. This is only one step in the evolution of the universe, ”concluded Dr Bento.


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