The SWFL’s 15th Annual Peace Day Celebration will be held on Sunday, September 25 at Wa-Ke-Hatchee Park in Fort Myers. | News, Sports, Jobs

The celebration organized in honor of the International Day of Peace will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a kick-off event for those who wish to start early.

“It’s hard to put into words the feelings I feel creating a project that started with a few hundred people to become an annual staple”, said event creator Zachary vanDyne. “It’s beyond words and it’s beautiful to see. This is the 15th annual observance bringing a day of peace to the Southwest Florida community. This year, we were able to increase donations, as well as offer activities on Peace Day, for the organizations we support.

This will be the first year that the event will feature live mermaids, and there will be an artists’ village which will allow many talented local artists to showcase and sell their work. Each year sees new suppliers and a greater variety of foods to satisfy all dietary choices.

“Each year, Peace Day has broadened its reach, reaching outward to include and connect with more people and creating opportunities for more understanding and communication,” vanDyne said. “I am continually grateful to the people here in Southwest Florida, as well as the people who travel from far and wide to experience a day of peace, and who champion peace and have helped create and expand it every year.”

This year’s theme is Transformation, which organizers say was chosen from a prophecy from long ago that predicted people of all colors would come together to unite and restore balance. on Earth – and that time has come.

“Each year I pray to the Spirit to give me the theme,” vanDyne said. “This year Spirit said the theme was transformation and talked about the rainbow prophecy and said the time has come. The rainbow prophecy said that a generation of people from many colors, many backgrounds and many religions would come together to unite, restore and herald a time of balance for the Earth. Peace is transformative and comes with understanding through communication. What unites us is greater than this that divides us.

This year’s free-entry, family- and pet-friendly celebration will feature amazing food trucks, vendor and artist booths, live music, entertainment and ample free parking.

Here’s what’s happening this year on Peace Day:

∫ 7:30 a.m.: Kick-off of Peace Day with “Ultimate Breathing Experience” Candace Tranter leads a Breathwork Empowerment for Peace for 100 people to focus on the breath and hold the intention for massive change for humanity.

∫ Ancient Druids Opening Ceremony

∫ Stands of vendors and craftsmen

∫ Delicious food and sweet treats: vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous

∫ Live music and DJ throughout the day: hosted by Jenni B (All Smiles Entertainment) and featuring David “Bear” Delli Paoli, Family Music Time, Violet Midnight, Luna Muni (violin), The Markleys and B-Love

∫ Live entertainment, featuring the Calendar Girls, Belly & Hula Connection SWFL, Poets Realm and Luna Moonz

∫ Peace Day FIRST: Mermaids, sponsored by Freedom Roofing, will cause a stir on site on Peace Day!

∫ Dog Park for our four-legged friends

∫ Massage, Reiki and Sound Baths at the Crystal Bowl

∫ Living Universal Medicine Wheel

∫ Meditative Peace Grid for Transformation

∫ Educational lectures

∫ Local non-profit organizations

∫ Collecting food and supplies for ACT (Abuse & Counseling Treatment) and GCHS (Gulf Coast Humane Society

∫ Peace Blood Collection (One Blood Bloodmobile)

∫ Closing Drum Ceremony with Ernel Grant

Especially for children:

∫ Family Time Music Singalong after Tai Chi

∫ Yoga for kids

∫ Bouncing houses and rides

∫ Coloring/art activities

∫ Wa-Ke-Hatchee Playgrounds

∫ Makeup

∫ Free Gifts

For children of all ages:

∫ Butterfly tent

∫ Relaxation areas with umbrellas by Umbrella Mafia

∫ Mocktails and Kid-Friendly Drinks by Millennial Brewing

∫ Interactive live art stations

∫ Photo Stations

∫ Volleyball and tennis courts

“Peace is an umbrella under which we all place ourselves”, vanDyne added. “As we said before, what unites us is greater than what divides us. It is our natural instinct that we all want to be happy, and no one wants to suffer, regardless of race, religion, age, etc. therefore, Peace Day, and coming together on Peace Day, is a way for us to continue to inspire, educate and unite in this most basic and fundamental desire… the desire for peace.

“The community is made up of all walks of life and we continue to create a day of peace where everyone, regardless of race, religion, age, financial status, education, etc., can participate. Peace Day has always been and always will be a free event for the community.

Wa-Ke-Hatchee Park is located at 16760 Bass Road, Fort Myers. Attendees are encouraged to bring a blanket or chair, relax on the grass to the sounds of amazing music and entertainment, and enjoy a peaceful day with friends and family.

15th Annual Peace Day Sponsors include Thinking Peace, Helping It Grow: CasaShanti, Grand Illusion, Mitra 9, Millennial Brewing, Freedom Roofing, Neenie’s House, Iona Cannabis Clinic, Zak’s Jewelers, Mystic Moon, What’s Up SWFL, Bath Fitter, Solar Bear, and EPEC.

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