The Senior Awards recognize outstanding Masuk students

MONROE, CT — Masuk High School Principal Steve Swensen addressed the audience inside the school’s packed auditorium for the annual Senior Awards ceremony on Thursday evening.

Ella Rigby received the business law award.

Students have been recognized for their outstanding academic achievements and received scholarships from numerous organizations. Below is the full list.

All student photos in this article were taken by Karen Coffey.

Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Business Department

Business Law: Ella Rigby

Marketing: Andre Acerbo

Finance: Victoria Gloria

Accounting: Kenneth Clark

Exceptional service to DECA: Nicholas Caggiano

Exceptional service to the FBLA: Kenneth Clark

Outstanding Service to the National Business Honor Society: Mia Dellapiano

Senior Business Club Award: Nicholas Caggiano

Overall Excellence in Business Education: Julien Zeppetello

Outstanding Achievement in Technology Education

Robert Hancox was recognized for wood technology

Computer aided drawing CAD: Ava Grace

Wood technology: Robert Hancox and Victoria Pappalardo

Advanced Culinary Arts: Mary Henry

Senior Culinary Excellence: Keara Kirberger and Lauren Unger

Video production: Ella Boyle

Photography: alexander williams

Production of the Directory: Emilie Florin

Computers: Laurie Salustri

Overall Excellence in Technology Education: Kevin Giordano

world languages

Spanish: Aynsley Lane and Julia Wadolkowski

French: Keara Kirberger

Library Media Center

Service at the library media library: Dylan Pinto

Read 100 Honor Cord Recipients

Kayla Andreo

Keara Kirberger won the French Prize.

Catherine Andronowitz

Victoria Gloria

Keara Kirberger

Sophie McCarthy

Krista Nehez

Aiden Gray Nowotny

Dylan Pinto

Olivia Robertson

Alexandra Rodrigues

Kayla Santos

Julia Smolka

Julien Zeppetello

social studies

Dylan Pinto won the Art Sheehan Award for Excellence in Citizenship.

Daughters of the American Revolution Award for Excellence in American History: Kayla Santos

Outstanding Achievement in Social Sciences: Anysley Lane and Kenneth Clark

Outstanding Achievement in History and Social Studies: Daniel Linn and Kayla Andreo

The Art Sheehan Award for Excellence in Citizenship: Dylan Pinto

Higher Achievement in Social Studies: Faith Walker and Luke Sawyer


Four years of excellence in science: Keara Kirberger and Almaas Ghafoor

Outstanding Achievement in Biology: Jane Ding

Outstanding Achievement in Physics: Jackson Zambarano


Jackson Zambarano won the Outstanding Achievement in Physics award.

Outstanding Achievement in AP Calculus BC: Suja Srinivasan

Outstanding Achievement in AP Statistics: Jackson Zambarano


Four years of excellence: Kathryn Andronowitz, Sophia McCarthy, Almaas Ghafoor

Outstanding Achievement in English: Jane Ding Julia Wadolkowsky

Four Years – Most Improved Students: Sonia Garcia

Outstanding Creative Author: Aynsley Lane, Suja Srinivasan

Masuk Free Press Editor and Quill & Scroll Journalism Honors Society: Maureen Gorman

Fine Arts: Performance in Music

Aynsley Lane won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Outstanding Achievement in the Group: Emma Ronagan

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Aynsley Alley

John Philip Sousa Award: Erin Daly

US Marine Youth Foundation – Semper Fidelis Award: Mila Planas

Exceptional Realization in Strings: Peter Pothansky, Julia Smolka

Exceptional Realization in Sinfonietta: Suja Srinivasan, Jackson Zambarano

Exceptional Accomplishment as a soloist: Jane Ding, Sherry Li

The fieriest strings: Kevin Giordano, Julia Wadolkowski

Most Improved String Musicians: Kathryn Andronowitz, Kara Traggianese

Mila Planas won the Semper Fidelis Award from the US Marine Youth Foundation.

Exceptional Realization in the concert choir: Abigail Brewster

Exceptional Realization in chamber choir: faith walker

Exceptional Realization in Camarata: Luisa’s friend

All the selection of the national choir: Luisa’s friend

Fine Arts: Performing Arts

Outstanding Achievement in Drama: Erin Daly

Outstanding Achievement in Vocal Performance: Luisa’s friend

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater: Justin Loescher

Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts at Masuk: Ella Boyle

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

Ella Boyle won the Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts award at Masuk.

Outstanding Artistic Effort: Erin Daly, Holden Duckworth, Sonia Garcia, Krista Nehez, Karina Silva

Outstanding Achievement in Drawing: Kayla Santos, Olivia Robertson

Outstanding Achievement in Painting: Luisa’s friend

Exceptional achievement in ceramics: Kate Capozziello

CAS Scholar-Artist Award: Emily Read, Alexis Sullivan

Overall Achievement in Visual Arts: Ella Boyle, Emily Read

Special recognitions

National Merit Finalist: Nicholas Caggiano, Jackson Zambarano

Nicholas Caggiano is a National Merit finalist.

Students commended for the National Merit Scholarship: Connor Cybart, Jane Ding, Michael Edgar, Kathryn Gallant, Kevin Giordano, Keara Kirberger, Sherry Li, Jacob Moreno, Roan Riordan, Suja Srinivasan, Julian Zeppetello, Alexander Zhelonkin

President’s Award for Academic Achievement: Mike Cavone, Dan Dutkovsky, Jack Wargo

Positive school culture: Kayla Andreo, Lily Cushing, Awad Ibrahim, Aynsley Lane, Mila Planas

Outstanding Perseverance Award: Lindsay Collis, Noah Malewicki

Young American Leadership Award: Mila Planas

Pride of Panther Award: Colin Jarnutowski, Victoria Gloria


Victoria Gloria was awarded the US Army Post 9/11 GI Bill Scholarship.

US Army Post 9/11 GI Bill Scholarship:Victoria Gloria

US Army ROTC Scholarship: Wednesday Smetak

United States Marine Corps Academic Excellence: John Takacs, Wednesday Smetak

Cuseo Family Technology Award: Byron Rios-Parada

Residential Waste Systems Scholarship: Hannah Frost

Spadaccino and Leo P. Gallagher & Son Community Scholarship: Gavin Mills

Aquin’s Council Fellowship: Regan Slattery

Masuk Parent Teacher Club Scholarship: Ava Grace, Ariana Herold, Juliana Pagano, Faith Walker, Tyler Cummings, Kevin Giordano, Justin Loescher, Jacob Moreno

Monroe CTP

Jane Ding is the co-valedictorian for the Class of 2022 along with Jackson Zambarano.

Jack Crowell Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Pinto Sophia Norton

Ciara O’Driscoll Memorial Scholarship for Special Education: jack wargo

Forrest Ryan Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Antolini, Ryan Perez

Melissa Dampf Memorial Professional Scholarship: Adam Greco

Mark Robert Adiletta Memorial Scholarship: Justin Aleman, Lucas Crowell, Sean Minnick, Erica Parillo, Amanda Teixeira, Cecilia Tobin, Jenna Yacovelli

Bruce Lazar Memorial Scholarship: carly stall

Karen Daley Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Frost, Dylan Pinto

Christine Palombi Memorial Scholarship: Emily Florin (recommended by David York)

Eddie Westcott Memorial Scholarship: Stuart Malone, Veronica Martino

Greater Bridgeport Retired Teachers Association: Patrick Civitelli

Emily Florin was awarded the Christine Palombi Memorial Scholarship.

The Children’s Open Charitable Trust: Jessica Minch, Michael Snyder

Monroe Chamber John Dry Scholarship: Caleb Neon

The Rotary Club of Monroe Scholarship: Lauren Unger

Promotion scholarship of 1987: Victoria Papalardo

Hanna Seen

Foss B. Terry Scholarship: Ethan Busa

Mulloy Family Scholarship: Trevor Scholz $2,022, Sophia McCarthy, Claire Martinsky $750

Masonic Award: Sonia Garcia

Kindness Matters Scholarship: Tristin Reder

Hannah Frost was awarded the Karen Daley Memorial Scholarship.

The Weller Foundation – Vincent A. Voccia Professional Training Award: Caleb Neon

The Weller Foundation – Eleanor F. Moore Business Award: Nicholas Caggiano

The Weller Foundation – Senior Scientist Award: Kevin Giordano

Scholarship from the National Society for Scientific Distinctions: Roan Riordan

Weller–Paul W. Broggi Foundation Communication Award: Brandon Francisco

Janet Halpin Business Scholarship: Julien Zeppetello

The Marie Whiting Frank Memorial Mathematics Scholarship: Michael Edgar

Principal’s Scholarship: Amber Videira

Monroe Lions Club Scholarships: Andrew Babson, Laurie Salustri

Newtown Savings Bank Foundation Scholarship: Almaas Ghafoor

Andrew Babson was awarded the Monroe Lions Club Scholarship.

Kenneth Stanley Heitzke Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Cummings

Robert & Margaret Tranzillo Scholarship: Kayla Andreo

Michael and Mary Mulroy Memorial Scholarship: Mia Dellapiano

Marlene Sagar Rappaport Memorial Scholarship: Phoebe Owen

Barbara Young Memorial Scholarship: Sonia Garcia

Monroe Scholarship Fund Scholarships: Kathryn Andronowitz, Nina Capozziello, Kathryn Gallant, Melanie Antony, Lily Cushing, Sophia McCarthy

Edith Wheeler Memorial Scholarships: Nicholas Caggiano, Kevin Giordano, Jacob Moreno, Suja Srinivasan, Julia Wadolkowski, Jane Ding, Keara Kirberger, Roan Riordan, Lauren Unger, Jackson Zambarano

Academic Leader Class of 2022

Co-Valedictorians: Jane Ding, Jackson Zambarano

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