The Grammy-winning Apollo’s Fire ensemble performing Bach, Vivaldi at the Vilar on January 31

Apollo’s fire
Roger Mastroianni / Courtesy Photo

Named after the classical god of music, healing and the sun, Apollo’s Fire is a Grammy-winning ensemble from Cleveland and renowned as one of the most popular baroque orchestras in the world. Nine of the set’s 27 albums have become bestsellers on the Billboard Classical chart, and the band has over 8 million views on its YouTube videos.

“If, after two hours, the audience is moved to tears, or to joy, or to laughter, or to prayer, then we have had a good night’s work,” reads the artistic philosophy of Apollo’s Fire. “Music is a form of communication – a language that resonates with people in an emotional and spiritual way, touching people in ways that words cannot.”

Apollo’s Fire returns to the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek on Monday, January 31 at 7 p.m. as part of the theater’s Therese M. Grojean Classic Series. Tickets are $78 ($10 for students). This show is also part of VPAC’s Pay Your Age community arts access program (19-30). There is also a Buy 3 Get 1 Free ticket offer. Visit for more information and tickets.

Apollo’s Fire was founded in 1992 by award-winning young harpsichordist and conductor Jeannette Sorrell, who envisioned an ensemble dedicated to the Baroque ideal that music should evoke the different Affekts – or passions – in listeners. Apollo’s Fire is a collection of creative artists who share Sorrell’s passion for theater and rhetoric.

The Apollon’s Fire program at VPAC includes virtuosos Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. The ensemble brings its distinctive take on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by presenting these gems as the groundbreaking creations of musical storytelling were meant to be – illustrating the naturalistic effects along the way to bring Vivaldi’s pictorial descriptions to life. The program also includes Vivaldi’s thundering Concerto for Two Cellos, a piece that shows why Sorrell calls Vivaldi the “18th century rock ‘n’ roll composer”.

“Led by brilliant harpsichordist Jeannette Sorrell, the ensemble exudes an elegant energy – a blend of erudition and visceral intensity,” writes Gramophone.

Apollo’s Fire completed five European tours with sold-out concerts in the UK, France, Austria, Ireland and Italy. The ensemble’s London concert in 2014 was chosen by the Daily Telegraph as one of the “Top 5 Classical Gigs” of the year, with their review writing: “An evening of outstanding musical creation…the band combine the European elegance with American entrepreneurship. »

North American tours include sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Library of Congress and more.

Discover the ensemble on an international tour at the Vilar Performing Arts Center on Monday, January 31. Visit for more information.

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