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The faculty’s biennial art showcase opened at the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery on September 17, showcasing the works of 25 faculty members from Weber State University, the first physical exhibition to take place there since pandemic.

The 2021 biennial exhibit showcased works of art created by professors at the Kimball Arts Center and showcased them for student engagement. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

Typically occurring once every two years, this particular faculty show was delayed last year due to COVID-19. Free and open to the public, the exhibition will run until November 13, with gallery opening hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

Shaw Gallery director Lydia Gravis said the exhibition is a valuable opportunity for professors as they share their own work and present themselves not only as teachers, but as artists.

Gravis said the faculty has responded to current events and issues through their various visual languages, from abstraction to visual meditation.

The faculty creates artwork for the 2021 Faculty Biennial Exhibition at the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at Weber State University.  Exhibits, such as this
A distorted portrait is on display alongside the many other pieces in the exhibition. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

“This is an example of an exhibit with a really diverse content, style and medium, so it’s a great opportunity for people to go out and see a wide variety of working artists who are also teachers and members of the personal, ”said Gravis.

Artworks created by professors of the Department of Visual Art and Design are featured in the Faculty's Biennial Exhibition 2021. Art concentrations are in Ceramics, Digital Media, Drawing, Metals / jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and visual communications.  (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)
Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery hosted the 2021 Faculty Art Biennale for Weber State Faculty on September 17. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

Professor Jason Manley said his classroom teaching materials influenced his work for the show.

“There are things that I teach that inspire what I do in my own work, and my own research comes out in my teaching,” Manley said. “It’s good for the students to see what we do, what the faculty are doing and that we are performing artists and not just teachers. “

Several mediums are used for the art submitted to the 2021 Faculty Biennial Exhibition, hosted by the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at Weber State University.  The exhibit, which features artwork submitted by professors at the Kimball Art Center, is free and will run until November 13.  (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)
Hand-drawn pieces are just some of the many art forms on display at the art exhibition and were created by the participating professors. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

Gravis said research is a big part of a professor’s professional career, and the visual arts seen in the exhibit are like research presentations – rather than being published in a paper or article, the research is presented in an exhibition of works of art.

The favorite part of Manley’s exhibitions is showing off his hard work.

With visitors enjoying a variety of art submitted by faculty members from the Department of Visual Art and Design, at the Kimball Visual Arts Center on September 17, this event will continue through November 13.  (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)
The art gallery features a very open setting that allows people to gather and view the exhibition. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

“I don’t do work just to go to my basement; I want people to see it, ”Manley said. “You introduce it and it’s a moment to reflect on what you’ve done. ”

Cassie Smith, director of marketing and public relations at Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities, said it was exciting to see what the faculty was working on and finally organize another in-person event.

Faculty members in the Department of Visual Art and Design are featured in the 2021 Faculty Biennial Exhibition. The works of more than 25 artists will be on display at the Kimball Visual Arts Center through November 13.  (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)
People gather in the rooms and interact with the displayed art. (Nikki Dorber / The Signpost)

“Our teachers are amazing artists, so it’s cool to see what they’re doing not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom,” Smith said. “This is what they are working on and this is what they are getting involved in.”

Smith said she was excited about everything this exhibit represents, especially the return to normalcy.

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