Southwest Florida native opens new theater, Belle Theater


A 28-year-old native of Cape Coral has just opened the Belle Theater in the heart of his hometown.

Tyler Young opened the Belle Theater in May and named it after his girlfriend Belle Mira.

Cape Coral is the largest city in Southwest Florida, but has only one performing arts venue.

So far.

Young inspires others to appreciate the arts. Like Evangelina Nudi, at only 10 years old, she found a passion.

Nudi said she must be an actress, dancer or singer.

“My mom signed me up for summer camp at the cultural park just down the street when I was 7, so I did that from 7 to 14,” Young said.

Little Evangelina has no idea she’s rehearsing in one of Tyler Young’s dreams right now.

“With a city our size, there’s no reason two theaters can’t exist in this ecosystem and be successful,” Young said.

Young’s chick passed away in 2017 and she was always a big fan of acting.

“She was always at every show I did, whether I was backstage or on stage or directing, it didn’t matter, she was there,” Young said.

From summer theater camps like Willie Wonka for kids to full performances in the fall.

Young hopes the Belle Theater will become a place of inclusion in her hometown.

“I say oh, we’re so weird, but we’re all weird in our own way and that’s part of our mission statement. I want it to be a place for everyone. said Young.

Evangelina said camp was a bit like school but better because I can do what I like best.

Now kids like Evangelina can shape their own dreams.

“I feel good when I do it and it’s really fun and it’s like not hard, it’s like easy,” Evangelina said.

And in the case of the Belle Théâtre, dreams come true.

The Belle Théâtre is right in the middle of the summer camps for children.

For more information on the programs available, visit the Belle Théâtre.

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