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Collin Selman, who co-founded the company with Bradyn Braziel, said the name captures part of what the group wants for their future: the end-game experience where an audience falls silent to process what comes next. to see, and the company’s intention to include The Waco Deaf Community in its audiences and cast. The latter aspect comes from fellow company founder and actor Alex Blanton, he added. Silent House will also offer individual theater lessons.

Selman goes from actor and co-director to director for Silent House’s second production, the two-person play “I and You”, written by Laura Gunderson. The two in “I and You” are high school students Caroline (Ashley-Kate Sanchez) and Anthony (Jack Counseleller), who meet at her home for a study project on American poet Walt Whitman.

She is confined to her home due to liver disease that can kill her within months unless she can get a transplant. He is athletic and healthy, but with other issues that crop up during their conversation. She is a bit sarcastic and loves photography; he’s more into music and sports. Not much connects them apart from this common class assignment.

It may seem like Hallmark Channel territory for young people, albeit a territory with some clever dialogue, until a major plot twist knocks down much of what s ‘has passed before and, perhaps, leaves the audience in silence.

The Silent House will present its performances at the Jubilee Theater, with its next production, “Reckless” by Craig Lucas, scheduled for December.


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