Salem Hills High School Wins National School of Performing Arts Excellence



SALEM, Utah – Salem Hills High School is now one of the elite companies.

The school won the 2021 National Performing Arts School of Excellence Award from the Federation of State High School Associations.

Only one school in the country, out of more than 20,000 eligible, receives recognition each year.

“We’re thrilled to be Skyhawks today,” said Justin Bills, school choir director. “We came and built this from the ground up. “

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Bills refers to the school’s arts program which is a relatively new kid in the neighborhood.

Salem Hills High opened in 2008. Now in its 14th year of teenage education in Utah County, the arts program is being honored for the opportunities it provides to students and the quality of the work it does. product.

“It’s been a big part of my life,” said Ben Wheeler, a senior who participates in choir and theater. “My teachers are always ready to help us, which is why I have grown so much.”

Wheeler and other students believe the award validates their hard work.

“We are not a fine arts school, but we have an amazing and inclusive fine arts program,” said Ellie Wride, a senior from Salem Hills High.

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While the award is a testament to the work of faculty and students, administrators believe it solidifies the foundations of the school as an inclusive community where students with a wide range of talents can be themselves. and flourish.

“Our mission is about deep learning levels for all children and all students,” said Ryan McGuire, Principal of Salem Hills High School. “This part is important to us – that everything is everything.”

Salem Hills High School is the first school in Utah to receive the award.

The award covers the entire artistic program of a school, including activities such as theater, debate, choir and orchestra.


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