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There is a new breed of rock stars infiltrating the Illawarra and spotting them has become a regular pastime for people, especially children during school vacations. Colorful and painted rocks (some with motivational quotes) are popping up in front gardens, on playgrounds and on street corners – a trend that sees many young people going on treasure hunts to bring them back home. house or give them a new hiding place. “The kids on our daily walks scramble through rocks and gardens to find more rocks and we always hide them,” Brooke Thomas said. “It made the lockdown less boring and our rides now have a whole new meaning. Read more: Illawarra council pools may not be ready to reopen for school holidays Painting “rocks of kindness” is something Caroline Ayers and her children have been doing for over three years, with hundreds painted during this current lockdown and left in a box outside their Woonona home for people to take. “We hear a lot of people stop to look at the rocks and pick one,” she said. “A lot of times they shout ‘thank you’ which is adorable. We also got lots of thank you notes and cards, even from our postman. It makes us smile and encourages us to do more.” Matilda Peacock, 9, said she found painting rocks relaxing and was able to show off her creativity and make other children happy when they found them. This is one of the many activities that help Matilda and her two busy siblings when activities outside the home are limited, although their mother Kate has found other sources of entertainment. “We use the walking track and the bike path a lot on scooters (because they can all do it even the baby) and we did some great rides with stops at all play equipment on the way – we call it ‘Playground Tour’, ”Ms. Peacock said. “We started in Thirroul and then walked to Austinmer Beach Playground and then to Headlands, the round trip took us two hours. We also do a hot chocolate tour. in all the local cafes and rank them according to criteria such as if there is a marshmallow, how chocolatey they are. ” Read more: Meet Electrician Dapto Who “Making It” on TV Other ideas to keep the kids busy include free YouTube workshops and a story hour with staff at Early Start Discovery Space; take a surf lesson with a surf school like Pines or Happy Days; and for teens and tweens who love their music, they can meet Windang’s surf rock band Hockey Dad virtually in a free online Q&A and Q&A contest on the 30th. September, organized by Wollongong Council Youth Services. Wollongong Art Gallery and Wollongong Libraries also offer a range of online programs, video tutorials, and interactive vacation entertainment. Decorating wooden spoons like people is another inexpensive activity for astute kids, who can then add them to the Spoonville settlements that have sprung up in Thirroul and Kanahooka. In the meantime, the latest amendment to the public health ordinance now allows for a ‘playdate’ bubble where three people under the age of 18 can meet if they all live in the same local government area or within five kilometers. each other. The supervising adults will need to be fully immunized, but this will once again allow the fun of sleepovers, Ms. Thomas said. His Party Kids Children’s Entertainment business previously hosted children’s parties before the lockdown, but has switched to sleepover rental packages such as teepees and themed tents. “This means that I will finally be able to get my much-needed income back from the bank after 13 very short weeks,” Ms. Thomas said. We depend on subscription revenues to support our journalism. If you can, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.



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