REHEARSAL CLUB secures home in Webster Apartments for young women in the performing arts



The Rehearsal Club, the legendary guesthouse for young actresses that inspired Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman’s Stage Door, is enjoying a revival, not a theatrical production, but a new sanctuary for young women aspiring to a career. career in the performing arts in New York City.

Through an agreement with the historic Webster Apartments (419 West 34th Street), adjacent to Hudson Yards, affordable room and board as well as an abundance of services (from laundry to wi-fi) will be available in one wing of the club of rehearsal.

Notable residents of the legendary shrine include Carol Burnett, Blythe Danner, Sandy Duncan, Diane Keaton, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Darlow, Margaret Sullavan, Shirley Booth, Audrey and Jane Meadows, among countless others.

“In this world of enormous challenges and uncertainties, young performing artists need our help more than ever,” said Gale Patron, President of TRC and former resident.

Between 1913 and its closure on West 53rd Street in New York City in 1979, The Rehearsal Club has become a part of American theater history to provide affordable housing and a safe haven to thousands of women in all fields of the arts from the scene.

In 2006, a new era of the Rehearsal Club was born and began to develop as TRC alumni gathered to celebrate and preserve its legacy, and to support aspiring artists with coaching, mentoring and inspiration. . Passing on the values ​​instilled by TRC’s cherished memories from previous years felt natural.

Residence in The Rehearsal Club wing of historic Webster Apartments in midtown Manhattan offers budding female artists the opportunity to live in a private sanctuary at an affordable price. Inspired by the original Rehearsal Club, which has become a theater legend for its impact on American theater, the revived club will offer room and board at a reduced rate, as well as full services including mentoring, networking and workshops. .

There will be a competitive admission program offered across the country to talented and aspiring young women who are serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts. TRC residents will be selected based on their talent, passion and commitment. The total monthly rent, full board and all services will not exceed $ 1400; financial assistance is available as needed. Please see Rehearsal Club in Residence Benefits ( for all services offered.

The rehearsal club welcomes applications from all young women who wish to pursue their dream of a career in the performing arts. As TRC alumnus Carol Burnett says, “When you have such a big dream, you have to make it come true.”

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