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Quasar is back and getting started with their next event to celebrate the arts. The organization invites the public to step out to the Old Armory Pavilion at 7 p.m. on September 26 for an evening of humor, poetry, live music and visual arts.

“Quasar’s goal is to make the arts more accessible in Oxford,” said Amy Webb, Quasar Events Coordinator and Treasurer.

Webb is originally from Tupelo and has experienced secret art galleries there and has participated in exhibitions in the city. However, she had a harder time moving to Oxford.

“I was going to gallery openings and trying to get involved in art communities, but it was really hard to find a community for people who weren’t long established artists with MFAs and artists. galleries, ”Webb said.

The writing and arts-focused initiative aims to showcase local talent and support and develop the artists they find through social media, local radio stations or galleries. Sunday’s event will feature local talent such as visual artist Zach Fields, poet Elz, comedian Connor King and musician Rod Smoth.

This event signals a big comeback for Quasar after an uncertain period. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected many people and organizations at all levels, including Quasar. The first issue of Quasar magazine had just appeared in February 2020 before they were forced to withdraw and regroup.

Quasar held small gatherings in outdoor spaces that allowed them to continue when other organizations completely shut down. It was often that QUASAR was the only organization to organize events during the pandemic, much to the delight of the locals.

“There were times when we couldn’t quite organize events,” said Webb. “When we felt it was appropriate and we could take these precautions, many locals told us how excited they were to be able to do something because nothing else was happening at the time.”

Now the organization is ready to restart. Not only did Quasar introduce new member Anna Yates to the team and recently released the magazine’s second edition in time for the September event, they’ve officially partnered up with the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

According to Quasar Events Coordinator and Treasurer Amy Webb, YAC has been helping Quasar since December 2019 and has provided tremendous support. Through the official agreement, YAC will continue this support and help Quasar become self-sufficient.

Webb is grateful that Quasar is back after a long time and for responding to artists in the community and giving them a place to shine.

“Whether you’re an accounting student doing art or you’re a waiter for a living and writing poetry, we want you to have a place to share that,” she said. .

With the help of the community, Quasar is able to organize its events and promote accessibility. Quasar is a non-profit organization and encourages the public to donate when possible so that they can continue to provide platforms for their artists.

For more information on Quasar, visit www.facebook.com/quasarliteraryarts.


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