Pinduoduo launches smart agriculture competition 2021



Pinduoduo, China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University announced the launch of the 2021 Smart Agriculture Competition, an agricultural technology competition with the aim of fostering innovation and promoting agricultural modernization

The competition aims to foster innovation that can be useful for small farmers. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Applicants will take a multidisciplinary approach, applying the science of nutrition, precision agriculture, and other relevant technologies to growing tomatoes. Winners will be judged on performance, nutritional value, environmental sustainability and commercial viability.

The competition is open to young agronomists and computer scientists from around the world and offers a total prize pool of over US $ 154,000.

Entries for the competition will close on September 9, 2021. A total of 15 teams will be pre-selected by the jury to present their projects. The four teams with the highest scores will advance to the final round of the competition.

Now in its second year, the smart agriculture competition is led by Pinduo, China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University, with technical advice from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Wageningen University and Research. The Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and representative agencies from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark also provided significant support. The main agro-technology companies, including Bayer Crop Science, Ridder Group and Omron have lent their industry expertise and advanced solutions to the competition.

“The driving force for improving the agricultural industry comes from the development and application of advanced technologies,” said Andre Zhu, senior vice president of Pinduo.

“The smart agriculture competition plays a unique role in that it aims to foster innovation usable by smallholder farmers, who produce around 80% of the food in China,” said Tian Jianhui, vice president of China Agricultural University.

“The Chinese agricultural sector will undergo huge changes from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture,” said He Yong, dean of Biosystems. College of Engineering and Food Sciences of Zhejiang University.

“Technology is transforming agriculture and food production. It is extremely important to implement the digital transformation of agriculture and improve food security ”, added Carlos Watson, FAO representative at China.

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