Our take: Mural reflects a community – Austin Daily Herald

The addition of the mural, designed and painted by local artist and art teacher Jake Levisen, is not only a brilliant addition to downtown Austin, but the representation of our community that we all have. need to see.

Often people seek to spread the word about a theme or message through local media, social media or one of several different methods, but art can be one of the ways. the most visual to produce this message.

Vision is the main way we take in the world around us. We use it to drive, read, identify. This is what makes the strength of visual art.

Levisen’s mural is visually appealing, with bars of color scrolling along the south wall of the Michael H. Siebel Family Visitation and Exchange Center. Without saying it, the open hand speaks of welcome and trust and taken as a whole, Levisen seeks a message of transformation and community.

It’s a simple message that sums up Austin and what it means to live in this community. People come for the occasion, but they stay because of the warmth and inviting nature Austin has infused within its borders.

This mural is a wonderful addition to downtown Austin and we hope other businesses and venues will consider displaying their own artwork.

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