Northern Virginia School of Performing Arts Helps Kids Build Confidence to Shine

Meet Lopez Studios, Inc. Performing Arts School, which cultivates talent and instills confidence in children as young as four years old through their after-school performing arts programs.

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Who is Lopez Studios, Inc.?

For more than 25 years, Lopez Studios, Inc. Performing Arts School has trained children ages 4 through 18 in a variety of performing arts disciplines, including voice, piano, acting, and drama.

Lopez Studios has won awards that recognize their success, including the “Best of Reston Award,” for countless years. They also won the National Prize at the Junior Theater Festival between 2016 and 2020.

Speaking of prizes, their award-winning performing arts summer camp is now open for registration for summer 2022, where kids can immerse themselves in the world of creative arts. This is A MUST for any budding artist in the Northern Virginia area.

Performing Arts Summer Camps 2022

Their Performing Arts Summer Camp is a great place for kids who already love the stage and can provide them with the opportunity to get involved in singing, drama, theater and dance.

However, Lopez Studios isn’t just for confident kids. They pride themselves on being able to bring out a shy child’s inner confidence and help them let go of any insecurities that might be holding them back. Teachers and staff use their vast experience to encourage children to try new things and help them develop their innate strengths, then offer guidance in areas where they need help.

What makes Lopez Studios unique?

Faculty and staff are always eager to help children master their character development through the arts. They help encourage children to be great performers on stage and great people and leaders off stage. This school believes in giving children more than practical arts skills and aims to develop their integrity and discipline along the way.

Lopez Studios Alumni Success

Focusing on character development rather than teaching skills alone means that Lopez Studios has had a stream of successful alumni in the music and acting industry. Some of their current and former students have been featured on shows you’ve probably watched on a Saturday night, including american idol, Jimmy Kimmel liveand The voice.

Other students have gone on to further education after earning spots at some of the nation’s top performing arts schools, including Harvard, CalArts, Juilliard and Berklee College of Music.

How to join the action

If your child has expressed an interest in joining a performing arts school, or if you want to give your children a strong sense of character and newfound confidence, look no further than Lopez Studios.

Their quarter-century experience in the industry combined with their passion for their students creates an unparalleled experience for children, giving them an exceptional education in a variety of performing arts disciplines. Additionally, parents have often said that their programs have given their children the confidence they need to thrive in any industry they choose later in life.

Learn more about their school and arrange a school tour on the Lopez Studios website today. It’s worth the investigation!

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