New Russian lab briefly pushes ISS out of position



The International Space Station was temporarily dislodged from its normal position by a Russian module (Photo credit: Roscosmos / NASA)

The seven astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) recently meet an unforeseen and potentially Dangerous situation. The Russian laboratory module, Nauka, inadvertently pulled his thrusters while moored to the ISS. Strength pushed the space station out of its normal flying position for a short time.

Nauka embedded during his eight-day trip to the ISS from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on July 21, 2021. As expected, the spacecraft in an autonomous way docked at the ISS on July 29, 2021. However, about three hours later, Nauka came back to life after software problem activated its thrusters. The accidental misfires pushed the ISS out of normal orientation 45 degrees, or about an eighth of a circle.

The Nauka module approaching the ISS on July 28, 2021 (NASA)

Fortunately, flight controllers on Earth were able to get the ISS back into position with opposing thrusters fired from other Russians. modules. The astronauts felt no movement for the 47 minutes incident. However, the station’s position is essential to keep its solar panels illuminated and his antennas in contact with the Earth. Therefore, the slight offset resulted in a loss of Communication with ground control twice. It was just for a few minutes each time.

Space station program director Joel Montalbano later said there was no immediate sign of damage to the station. Although the incident has been declared a “space emergency,” NASA officials to affirm that the astronauts on board have never been in danger.

Nauka, which means “science” in Russian, weighs over 22 tons and is 13 meters long. It is Russia’s largest space laboratory spear nowadays. The versatile spacecraft is team with oxygen Generator, an extra bed, toilet and a large robotic arm from the European Space Agency. It is designed to provide the ISS crew with more living and research space.



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