Nero art Hub will organize a six-day collective exhibition of paintings “Urban Myths”

For art lovers, the capital is ready to welcome a group of artists ready to exhibit their paintings with Nero art Hub all ready to present “A group exhibition of paintings” which will bring the touch of art in your lives whose you all want.

The “Urban Myths” show is hosted by Ranbir Rathi who has extremely keen eyes for art and sculpts the absolute best.

From May 21 to 26, 2022 at Bikaner House from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., the group exhibition is set to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds who respond to the concept of urban myths in the here and now of modern life while revisiting their roots in their own unique visual language.

Taken literally, myths are traditional accounts of the ancient history of people, usually of unknown origin, often linked to religious beliefs, superstitions or translations of real events that change over time. time in stories through the ages. As people migrate to towns and cities in search of livelihoods, they take with them ancient stories of their rural surroundings.

On display are works by a balanced mix of senior and emerging artists who offer an evocative panorama of individualized figurative and semi-abstract forms, using various innovative techniques, experimentation and expressive textures – hatching, exaggerated detailing, thick, vibrant brushstrokes. , unreal colors, and even going beyond the limits of a well-defined space.

Urbanization leads to a particular amalgamation of myths from diverse geographical habitats that intertwine with the realities of daily life that unknowingly transform into urban myths.

The figurative and symbolic connotations of a myth are widely held false beliefs or ideas. But seen through the inner artistic eye, there is a blur between myth and reality – artists create imaginary worlds, sometimes surreal, sometimes meditative and metaphysical, sometimes nostalgic and dreamlike, and at other times even more real and tangible than actual events.

While some artists were inspired by nature and the cosmos, some went back to the ancestors of human civilization. There are also those who have drawn from their close observation of the environment and interactions with places and people, offering psychological insights into human behavior to unravel and deconstruct the nature of myths.

In the exhibition, there are works that recreate paintings from memory, while others reinvent conceptual narratives. Then there are those where the artists conjure up an illusory universe of their own making and still others who use established icons, juxtaposing them with tales of human history. Perfectly blending myth, fiction and lived reality, the artists depict distinct and reinvented worlds.

The exhibition seeks to go beyond the frame, literally and figuratively, with the aim of fostering an engaging dialogue between the public and the artists and their impactful visual stories.

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