Meet Naseeb, the 7ft tall South Asian nutcracker

A visual artist from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, presents her take on a classic Christmas decoration.

Artist Jag Nagra’s South Asian nutcracker called Naseeb is seven feet tall.

Nagra says she was inspired to put her cultural touch on the character because she had never seen Indian inspiration before.

Naseeb wears brightly colored clothes, wears a turban, and plays the dholki, a South Asian double-ended drum.

“I wanted him to look as Indian as possible,” said Nagra, standing next to the statue, which started out as a drawing before bringing it to life.

She says it took her and his wife about three and a half weeks to make Naseeb. It is made up of cardboard tubes called sonotubes, PVC pipes, ornaments, a bit of wood, a plastic trash can, and a few plates.

Nagra says that Naseeb is made up of concrete tubs, PVC pipes, ornaments, wood, a plastic trash can, and a few plates. (Ben Nelms / CBC)

Nagra infuses his culture into many aspects of his work. In November, she collaborated with the Vancouver Canucks to create a special warm-up jersey in honor of Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated each year by millions of South Asians around the world.

Nagra decided to stick with a traditional name for his nutcracker so that his children could be proud of their own name.

“They both have Indian names, so the more we can surround them with Indian art and Indian culture, I hope the more confident they will feel,” she said.

The family asked a few people to offer to buy Naseeb, but Nagra says they are keeping it.

And for the record, Naseeb isn’t cracking the nuts yet – but Nagra plans to add the feature next year.

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