Love and relationships in the warm embrace of art


‘Tree Lover’ (2021) by Anju Dodiya.
(Vadehra Art Gallery)

Arpita Singh’s bright watercolor of a pair of birds from 2010 is far from her last painting, Harbor, where broken words, distorted human forms and crumbling buildings are entangled in crimson pain. Anju and Atul Dodiya also frame dialogues between their past and present imaginations. that of Anju Tree lover (2021), presented on fabric stretched over a padded board, resonates with a sense of loss more universal than human mortality. Unlike his vaporous figures and scenes of natural destruction, Atul’s watercolor Fucking ancestors (2007), pulsing with robust carnal energy, is a healthier approach to love and relationships.

In the works of other artists – Shilpa Gupta, NS Harsha, Gieve Patel and Sunil Gupta – conceptual ideas intersect with sensual figuration. Mostly Changed heirlooms: 100 stories (surnames) by Shilpa is striking with its ambitious sprawl, where origin stories negotiate meaning with notions of belonging.

Call me by your name runs until August 13 at Vadehra Art Gallery D-53 Defense Colony, New Delhi.

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