Loungefly Creatives on Disney Fandom and Creating Niche Products

Loungefly is known for its creative pop culture-inspired mini backpacks, and it has expanded its line to other products to create a lifestyle brand. This year has been busy with his presence at San Diego Comic-Con and recently, D23 Expo. For the latter, exclusives include the Beauty and the Beast Enchantress Mini Backpack and the Big Hero Six Baymax Battle Mode Cosplay Mini Backpack.

Liz DeSilva, Senior Vice President of Creative at Loungefly, and Derrick Baca, also Senior Vice President of Creative, play central roles in the design of the many different products. They’re partners in life and creative partners at work, and the duo bring different things to the table with different fandoms and ideas. Their goal is to create the best things for the community while having different perspectives, life experiences and things they gravitate towards.

“He doesn’t leave the house,” laughs Baca. “We are Disney Limits, Dapper Dayers. It is a way of life that we have had for several years.

“It works strangely,” DeSilva told Nerd Reactor during the D23 Expo. “Some people don’t understand how we can spend so much time together, but I like it. He’s fun!

It’s always good to have a creative team that loves the products and properties, and Loungefly caters to that with their creative designs.

“We’ll have a concept idea,” Baca said. “We have the most talented designers and artists who somehow make those weird things in our head say, ‘Wow, that’s exactly what we wanted.’

“They’re doing better than we could even imagine,” DeSilva added. “I do a shitty sketch on a post-it and they made the most amazing and innovative design out of it. So that’s great.

However, not all ideas become huge successes. Some ideas they thought were important don’t go as planned and other ideas exceed their expectations. That’s why they love seeing fans at events like D23 Expo. The Disney convention caters to fans and allows Loungefly to create niche products that are not known to other types of fans.

“An event like D23, it allows us to go deep into the fandom,” Baca said. “Like when we do the Enchantress mini backpack. Someone who was onscreen for two seconds of a mural in Beauty and the Beast, those fans will know.

“These are the people who know the ins and outs of every movie,” DeSilva said.

Fans who were unable to attend D23 Expo 2022 can purchase the mini backpacks from Loungefly.com.

Loungefly and Funko will be heading to New York Comic Con in October, and their presence will be significant as they create “Frightmare on Fun Street” (Booth #1419), an immersive booth experience.

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