Lincoln Center to Explore Inclusion in the Arts with ‘Activate’ Initiative


The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts announced the expansion of its ‘Lincoln Center Activate’ initiative, providing arts education and community engagement professionals the opportunity to develop their creative and professional skills with the goal of eliciting change in the arts.

The initiative will revolve around a single prompt: “How can we achieve a radical welcome that will help us to rebuild and reconnect?” How to create spaces that promote belonging?

Last year, a network of thousands of arts professionals from over 30 countries virtually came together to connect during the pandemic. Now “Activate” expands into a program of explorations throughout the year, starting with a series of week-long virtual and in-person events on July 12, 2021. Workshops will be led by Dr Emdin , the New York Philharmonic. , New York City Ballet, New York Library for the Performing Arts, artist Andrew Miller, and more.

Among the events, there will be “Make a Joyful Noize”, described as a multimedia universe created by Soul Science Lab which mixes music, film, interviews, oral creation and dance. Dr Emdin, who led the Spring Program to Explore and Reimagine Education in the Arts, will work with a team of technical experts to design a prototype classroom environment, believed to incorporate the principles of Radical Hospitality. The effort is part of Dr. Emdin’s work with Lincoln Center’s new R&D lab for the arts, The Collider.

“The practice of putting in extraordinary effort and emphasizing making people feel welcome, being open to new ideas and new collaborations, is our goal for ‘Activate’ this year.” said Jean E. Taylor, assistant director of education at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. “For the arts, in particular, we know there can be many barriers to participation. Some of them are practical, but others may be less clear. We must keep this awareness in our engagement, find the roots that will allow us to truly achieve belonging, and do so in concert with our extraordinary network of teachers and learners.

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