Letter: Sale of Tulsa Performing Arts Center Parking Lot Expected to Improve Physical Condition of Theaters | Letters to the Editor



The sale of the Cincinnati Avenue parking lot at the Tulsa Performing Art Center, along with the supposed financial windfall, offers the opportunity for a much-needed upgrade to the facility.

Over the 40 years that I have worked in construction as an IATSE machinist, I have seen his physical being gradually deteriorate.

Existing HVAC systems are inadequate for today’s environmental demands, plagued by outdated subsystems that make maintenance difficult.

A non-public behind-the-scenes tour will often reveal water or heating / cooling pipes dripping onto the floors. At least two recent groundwater forays have caused extensive and costly damage to the theaters on the ground floor.

The one and only women’s toilets, which serve these places, are totally inadequate for a typical intermission rush.

The loading dock of a truck is a curse on local and traveling shows and is a joke inside the tourism industry.

And these problems do not include a number of technical shortcomings.

There is a lot of broken sound and lighting equipment sitting idle and needlessly on shelves waiting for repair or replacement.

When I raised the issue with PAC management, I was continually informed, “There is no money or no one to do the job.


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