Introduction to digital humanities offered for fall 2022

Curtis Maughan

Introduction to digital humanities

Introduction to Digital Humanities will be offered from 2-3:20 p.m. this fall 2022, taught by Curtis Maughan, Director of the World Languages ​​and Digital Humanities Studio.

This course will explore the myriad of intellectual, technological and aesthetic phenomena emerging from the intersection of the humanities and the digital. Students will critically reflect on the ideas of innovators who paved the way for the digital age, from Ada Lovelace to Alan Turing to Ted Nelson. Students will also review humanist responses to the digital age, from its birth to its current state, discussing texts from an international range of thinkers, including Walter Benjamin, Jorge Luis Borges, and Donna Haraway.

This course will also cover the area of digital humanities itself, addressing the methodologies, technologies, and histories that the field entails. Finally, this course will challenge students to apply theoretical knowledge to their practical engagement with a selection of digital tools and projects, including but not limited to interactive maps and timelines, hypertext, jamboards, online archives and video games.

Ultimately, students in this course will develop a series of experiential and conceptual frameworks to address the pressing topics of our global digital ecosystem, from AI-generated art to living in the metaverse.

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