Independent artist Brad Wilson launches campaign to fund EP


INDEPENDENT: Brad Wilson is crowdfunding for his upcoming EP. The advantage is that he thus retains total artistic control over his work, without interference from the company. (Photo by Thuy Vy CongHuyen)

A native of Tuckerton, Brad Wilson inherited a natural talent for folk art from his ancestors, with roots in the region for over 300 years.

The songwriter treats each composition as delicately as his deceptive engravings, painting primarily in sound. Rather than a brush, the singer uses his pen, acoustic guitar, and piano as tools to create a romantic still image that he places himself in as a singer.

“I kind of project myself into these scenes,” he described in a previous interview with The SandPaper.

He has written over 60 songs over the past decade, some of which are “long gone,” he shared. Many songs, self-produced by Wilson, made their way onto streaming platforms. However, because his work is compositional, he kept a collection of songs to release as an EP when he found the right artist to help him produce it. Now he is embarking on this journey.

Wilson, now 25, has had the idea for his future EP since he was 17. “And my idea from the start is that I wouldn’t take that step until the songs were good and the producer was right.”

“Besides songwriting, producing high quality music is one of the biggest passions in my life,” Wilson said in a written address to fans. “Not only does this provide the song itself with an aesthetic audio backdrop, but it adds color and dimension to the overall vision and direction of the final product,” he said, sharing that ‘he thinks the production is what “brings the song to life”. He once again used the visual art metaphor, describing the producer as “understanding an artistic idea and saying, ‘paint it this way, with these colors.’

Wilson chose Jon Gilbert, a Los Angeles-based freelance producer, mixer and engineer who has worked both live and in the studio with artists such as Pete Yorn, The Kills, Alina Baraz, Banks, The Circle Jerks and Matt and Kim. . Most notably, Gilbert produced and recorded Mt. Joy’s self-titled debut album in 2018, which reached number one on Billboard Alternative adult charts with the single “Silver Lining”.

Wilson discovered Gilbert through the Mt. Joy album, “and as soon as I heard it I knew it sounded like nothing I had heard,” Wilson said. “The sound was just amazing. There was just a lot of life in it.

Once he felt ready to start the process of producing his EP, Gilbert was the first person that came to his mind. In their very first conversation, Wilson explained, “It was almost like I was talking to the producer version of myself in a number of ways.”

Wilson believes that the magic of writing and experiencing a song is transcended into the realm of history. “One thing I want to focus on with this project is to bring listeners into the space I’m in when writing the song,” he said, explaining that Gilbert, working as a producer, would serve as a bridge to help transport these listeners.

“The way I think about my songwriting process… I kind of start with a picture in my head – a place where a song lives – then I fill it with sound, and that’s how the song comes together. form. The production is just as important, because it brings that story, that image or that vision to life. When you have someone doing this and thinking about it the same way, they kind of take that vision you had and actually provide context so that people listening to them have a clearer idea of ​​what it is. is that space.

There is only one obstacle: funding. This project will not only involve recording and producing, but also hiring session musicians to contribute to each piece.

“As a completely independent artist, you are kind of forced to find funding for a project on your own. But it also makes it more meaningful to me because I feel like I take the audience with me throughout the project.

Independent musicians not signed with a record label are limited to the resources they can muster on their own. Wilson started a GoFundMe campaign in the hope of seeing his dream come true with the help of his community. In just one week, the campaign (including some offline donations) raised almost $ 3,000, but there is still a long way to go to reach its goal.

“Our idea with GoFundMe was not only to allow donors to be involved in the process of making this possible, but also to tell the story of an ongoing process that most people never see.”

Music lovers willing and able to donate can visit To follow Wilson’s journey, follow @bradwilsonmusic on Instagram.

“Crowdfunding and popular campaigns allow artists to create a product without the intervention of corporate entities,” Wilson wrote in his latest Instagram post updating his fans. “Although difficult, if successful, it results in the purest possible product. “

Those who cannot donate can help Wilson’s campaign by sharing it with their peers. “No matter where this dream takes me,” he wrote, “I will never forget your kindness.”

In the meantime, check out Wilson’s previously published work, available on all streaming platforms, and stay up to date with him on Instagram.

– Monique M. Demopoulos

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