In the Metaverse From Corporate Stiff to NFT Influencer

Anyone who has been brave enough to wade into the alternate universe, which is the NFT space, knows that there is a plethora of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, qualifications, and professionals that make up the industry. In fact, the NFT space is often a place for professionals looking to do something bold, looking to reinvent themselves. Just like in traditional businesses, people of all skill sets are leading the way and innovating in a relatively new world. mr sorcerer (WlZARDNFT) is one such person.

NFTs have the ability to change the way we process goods, services, cash and legal documents. For example, in Florida, there is already a push to NFT-ify the deed to homes and the legal documents associated with it. However, at the moment, the vast majority of NFTs are art-adjacent projects created by visionary designers, sold (or minted) in order to raise funds for various creative businesses and ventures. NFTs, as art, simply make sense. A token that one holds, that acts as a stake in the future of this project – and it comes with a cool piece of art attached to it.

Mr. Wizard, aka Kal McKay, is one of the professionals who recognized an opportunity in the NFT space for someone of his skill set. In the NFT space, Mr Wizard is a senior visual designer and metaphysical creator. He is a Senior Visual Designer at, where he creates design solutions and experiences for brands and audiences. He specializes in art, creativity, interface design and graphics.

In real life, or IRL, as NFT execs would say, Kal McKay was creative director at Onica, an online cloud solution. He has spent his 20 year career creating design solutions for, and not limited to, Canadian Projects, Onica, Rackspace, USA Politics and more. Not exactly the career trajectory one would expect for someone who now calls himself a “metaphysician” who goes by the name of Mr. Wizard.

Today, as Mr Wizard, Kal McKay has more than 180,000 followers on Twitter, 100,000 followers on Instagram and a legion of diehards on Telegram. Mr Wizard is what you would call an influencer in the NFT space. It delivers NFT news, awards and showcases through its platform, NFT MAGAZINE, he organizes NFT design competitions and organizes art battles. All this while making cash gifts from his Twitter account to the tune of thousands of dollars.

In a nascent industry, where today’s dummies can be tomorrow’s superstars, there isn’t a person alive who can’t make their mark. Those in creative fields have a clear advantage over the competition (aside from programmers), because the NFT space, as it is, is hyper-creative. Not only does visual art and written content have to be a staple of most new NFT projects, but it takes a bit of a vision to recognize the potential that lies beneath the tumultuous surface of this industry.

“My passion is to create beautiful things where nothing has existed before,” Mr. Wizard said when asked about his role in this brave new digital world. This is probably the right attitude to have if you are a professional looking to make the transition to blockchain. Be bold, be creative, be bold, be determined and success will follow.

Editor’s note

I asked Kal what a metaphysician was. He told me, “a metaphysician is someone who activates self-awareness through visual art and strategic enlightenment.” I thought that sounded pretty cool.

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