How to prepare for the IMO 7 class?


The Olympics are competitions held at the secondary school level to instill in students problem-solving and analytical skills. It also emphasizes the study of math, science and English. The purpose of these exams is to prepare young people for future competitions and the obstacles that might stand in their way. The IMO 7 class consists of 50 questions with a total value of 60 points, divided into four divisions as follows:

  1. Logic and mental capacity – This part assesses the logical and mental capacities of the pupils as well as their general analytical and intellectual capacities.
  2. Mathematical reasoning – This part assesses students’ understanding of mathematical concepts as well as their calculation skills. The questions in this section can be time consuming and calculating.
  3. Everyday Mathematics – this component tests the candidate’s ability to think critically by asking questions about the combination of everyday problems and general management.
  4. The director’s share – This section challenges students with questions covering a wide range of topics. Numbers, mathematical operations, geometry, measurement, interpretation of data, and more are covered in the OMI Class 7 course.

Why give Olympics?

The Olympiad exams are organized on a large scale in order to assess the efficiency and talents of the students. Giving tests at state or national level, when students from different schools and regions compete against each other, builds their self-confidence and allows them to progress intellectually and mentally.

  • A place at the Olympiad allows students to discover their hidden talents.
  • The questions of the Olympiad are more complex and difficult, requiring students to have a thorough understanding of the subject. This, in turn, improves their regular results in class.
  • It allows students to assess their understanding, knowledge and reasoning skills.
  • It encourages students to think analytically and logically, which is beneficial in any competition.
  • Another important benefit of the Olympiad exams is to receive awards and recognition.

Preparation strategy for IMO class 7

Consult the program carefully

It is essential to consult the program of the exam that you will be taking. The program for each Olympiad exam can be obtained from the official website. Before students start studying for the exam, browse the syllabus to learn more about the specific topics they will need to cover so that they can properly plan the study strategy.

Prepare a good study plan for the IMO

Students preparing for any Olympics should follow an in-depth study plan by developing a holistic approach to each subject. A good study program will allow sufficient time to be devoted to each topic and question. It helps to organize the daily study, allowing them to achieve the goal faster and successfully.

Study each topic in depth

Because most of the problems in the events of the Olympiad are based on conceptual facts. As a result, students are required to study each subject extensively to gain a deep understanding of the concepts and logic at work. Only thorough preparation will allow students to feel confident and able to answer the difficult questions that will be asked in any competition.

Keep notes and key facts handy

Because the Olympiad tests are based on the school curriculum, students are required to take notes and memorize key facts for each topic covered in class. This brief information will be useful for future references and updates, allowing students to learn faster.

Questions from previous years are useful

Documents from the previous year are still useful in determining the types of questions that will be asked during an exam. Additionally, practicing these items will help students test current Olympiad skills. Apart from this, students are required to complete sample documents to practice various questions related to each area. Then take a practice test and examine the results. We all know that anything that is learned with full focus and a positive attitude is understood. Be focused and attentive while studying for the Olympiad exams. You also need to believe in yourself and stay motivated throughout the exam preparation process if you are to be successful.

A good vocabulary check is required daily

Build vocabulary by learning at least one English word per day. Continue to solve crosswords and other random puzzles in newspapers and books. Find a puzzle book and practice a lot to strengthen logical reasoning by solving various math problems. To prepare for the Olympiad exams, a student does not need to enroll in additional coaching programs or attend study sessions. To pass these competitive tests, one must have a full understanding of each topic and concept by diligently studying each topic in the classroom.

Reinforcement of concepts in mind

Understand the success of the Olympiad, understand the concepts, reinforce the concepts in the mind and understand the advanced level concepts in application to increase your skills and application problems based on quality and detailed explanations… And all of these improvement plans, adaptive testing and advanced applications can be done intelligently using concept-based applications. With Olympiad Success, it’s time to start doing smart work instead of working hard.

The questions will not be easy

Remember that the first level questions will come from your syllabus, but they will not be easy. The questions will be based on sophisticated applications of concepts rather than straightforward notions.

Manage time and repeat formulas

You have to rehearse with real time pressure and the same pattern of questions to overcome this anxious situation. The real IMO question paper is quite comprehensive and it takes a lot of practice to get it done in the allotted time. Solving arithmetic problems on the Internet is of no use to anyone. To answer questions within a certain period of time, practice using a hard copy. Olympiad Success offers downloadable tests. Hard copies are preferable to electronic versions for practicing math. If you are having difficulty printing a test, you can simply take the test online. Our tests work well in all browsers and on mobile devices.


Therefore, the information and strategy for preparing for Class 7 IMO has been shared above and a student can learn from this information. Apart from that, it is always suggested to solve questions like Class 7 IMO Question Paper 2013 to get good grades.


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