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I AM hip-hop teacher and producer Augie Ray presents his first solo debut as a visual artist

I AM Augie Ray is inspired by the things around him. (Courtesy picture)

“I am everything,” he says. Every day, because that’s his mantra. His case just happens to be as strong as his sense of self. Grammy-winning producer I AM Augie Ray will present his official solo debut as a visual artist, The RED Art Exhibition, at LA Art Box from Friday, July 29 through Sunday, July 31. The immersive exhibit will feature 30 of the artist’s multimedia works as well as a five-song EP that also explores what Ray calls Raw Emotional Dissonance (or RED) That’s Interval.

Opening night for The RED Art Exhibition July 29 will feature live performances and will run from 6-10 p.m. The LA Art Box is located at 8020 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

As a music producer, I AM Augie Ray has collaborated with many of the industry’s most distinguished artists, including Rihanna, Sir Elton John and Dj Mustard. The upcoming visual exposure offers him the opportunity to show other colors.

“This show is really my presentation to the world of how I see, feel and hear sound,” he says reflectively. “Before this show, much of my work was based on what other companies wanted me to produce. Ironically, I was stuck in a system that prevented me from intuitively having a voice. to use The LA Art Box as a platform to let strangers into my world.

I AM Augie Ray shows his visual style that pushes the boundaries. (Courtesy picture)

Juggling his duties as a studio guru (he owns Hype Studios LA, the first professional subscription recording studio in the San Fernando Valley), author, and professor of hip-hop at California State University Northridge, Ray defines himself as a “pluralist” who uses his skills in tandem and sees the world through abundance and opportunity.

However, that doesn’t mean he spends days painting bowls of cherries through pink filters. He explains, “My work will portray the world we are afraid to embrace.”

As someone who sees the value of being true to yourself in “an artificial, chaotic world,” Ray recognizes life’s challenges and doesn’t hide it. His artistic inclination, which mixes abstract expressionism and street-style influence, is a reflection of this.

“Although this world is chaotic, I have no control over it,” he says. “I have control over my thoughts, my emotions and the way I see the world. Through discovering art, I believe I discover more of myself, so the answer is to listen to the inner child within.

The LA Art Box (LAAB) is an AAPI-owned cultural space dedicated to showcasing a wide range of histories, cultures, and experiences. (Courtesy picture)

Ray remembers playing his first instrument as a child and the experience opened his eyes to endless possibilities. The RED Art Exhibition marks yet another manifestation of this personal abundance – only in a different medium.

“As a music producer, I never rule out any technique or approach,” he notes. “Everything is free for you ‘as long as it sounds good.’ I have used this same approach in my visual aesthetic; I have mixed many mediums together to achieve a unique look and feel to my art. I like to work fast, so my main mediums of choice are acrylics, oil sticks and spray paint.

Fast indeed, I AM Augie Ray accomplished a lot at a young age, following the inner voice. One of his favorite Neale Donald Walsch quotes is, “If you don’t go inside, you’ll be without.”

Perhaps the same can be said for The RED Art Exhibition at the LA Art Box as well. Visit IG @iamaugieray or thelaartbox.com/events/augie-ray-red for more information.

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