Five Things To Enjoy On The East Austin Studio Tour: From Trees To Sightseeing Buses, The Highlights Of The Second Weekend Of The Touch Creativity Celebration – Arts



Juliet Whitsett for TreeGarden (Courtesy of the artist)

The Austin Studio Tour, presented by Big Medium, is a combination of the pre-pandemic West Austin Studio Tour and the East Austin Studio Tour, previously separate and now reunited into one city-wide event in November.

This is a free, self-guided celebration of visual art that features more than 530 Austin-based artists and collaborators, with tour boundaries expanded to include all 10 City Council districts for in-person attendees, as well than a 15 mile radius from the Capitol. for virtual pleasure.

The past weekend highlighted the west side of Austin; this second weekend (Sat-Sun, Nov 13-14, 12 pm-6pm) covers West and East; and the last weekend (Sat-Sun, Nov 20-21, not 6 p.m.) will end with only the East. (Pick up a free studio business card at any branch of the Austin Public Library, while supplies last; Big Medium members earn a copy of the Austin Studios Tour Art Book.)

And now, here are five recommendations to start your explorations.

Jennifer balkan

This prodigious paint pusher named Balkan (one of the founders of the Atelier Dojo art school, by the way) displays her new figurative explorations of oils, brushes and pens, in which she has done things with lines and colors that, as if by a quantum miracle, interacted to render incredibly lifelike portraits, capturing the mind and image of human models, friends and strangers. This woman knows how colors work – so much so that you would suspect that the color itself, the entire spectrum of visible light, is her personal lackey. Some painters practice and study relentlessly, better and better; Balkan does this, almost perfectly; and now she is also trying new expression games, breaking new graphic terrain, achieving distinctly gratifying performance glory. (Not related, but srsly: ask him about the unicycle.) AST # 482, 3109 Lafayette,

Robert melton

Of course, we were delighted with the recent series of colorful visual abstractions from this creative polymath; yes, we enjoyed the songs he released that sounded like something we’d be in a fancy club on; and we can’t wait to find out what his mind and cameras will visit about the tropes of modern cinema. But right now we’re kinda like Alleluia to see that this Melton has returned to his meticulous, painstaking, oversized graphite interpretations of ordinary objects – mark by point by scuff by mix, almost obsessively – and that these new works will be among the beauties highlighted in the man’s workshop for this visit. AST # 494, 1514 Broadmoor,

We speak for the trees

Because the Lorax can’t do it on its own, can it? In Austin, there is a whole community that helps in whatever way it can: TreeGarden. Each piece in the We Speak for the Trees collection is hand painted on a slab of the majestic Sycamore that has graced the Masonry / Tree Garden office for years. More than 40 local creators have worked to turn this woody miracle into unique works of art, resulting in a multi-stakeholder collaboration that will be sold to benefit Forests for Monarchs, a forest restoration and monarch protection program. Bonus: There will be a party at Treegarden on Saturday, November 13, with live music, food, drink and – well, naturally – a plethora of artwork on display in this outdoor space. AST # 271, 638 Tillery,

Dimensions gallery

Right across the street from the community-welcoming sculpture park they created, here is Dimension Gallery spotlighting the lead man behind their forged object celebration program: Colin McIntyre. Want to see what someone familiar with studies of the natural, non-human world and the intricacies of metal forging will do when these two areas are combined, with fierce intent, to the benefit of both? Yes, you do – that’s why this exhibition of smaller ‘selected works’ from the busy studio of the artist who brought us The resonance lung and Sanctuary of Inevitable Forces will anchor you solidly in a realm of material but graceful wonders. AST # 360, 979 Springdale # 160,

Almost real things: Artbus

Sometimes when you’re roaming the vast art scene, you’d rather just take a tour of the city in a decorated bus, sipping drinks (unlimited alcohol, soda water, and juices) and listening to great music with a band. of fellow citizens, right? While the affable celebrants of creativity at Almost Real Things take care of both the studio choices and the driving, shall we say? Well, cool – because we know you’ll be in good hands with this fun crew, who are once again offering their Ferris wheel and gregarious service (at $ 35) for the second weekend of AST.


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