Farmers are digging safer than ever



Farmers are more aware than ever before when it comes to looking for what’s under the ground before digging, new research shows.

According to Digging up Britain 2021, the search for deep agricultural bases has increased by 166%. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

The number of searches by farmers for underground pipes and cables before digging has increased for the third year in a row, with a 63% increase, according to Unearthing Britain 2021.

2020 has been a big year for excavation work in the agricultural sector, possibly due to the environmental stewardship grants currently available to farmers for tree planting and roofing, as well as for other projects such as buildings. and resurfacing of walkways and runways.

The report of LSBUD, which provides a free online asset finder, shows that 3,446 searches were made through its portal last year for projects on farmland.

Richard Broome, Managing Director of LSBUD, commented: “With so much additional activity on the farmland, it is great to see that more and more farmers are on board with the message of research before you dig. Even if they “know their fields like the back of their hand,” they still favor checking the location of pipes and cables crossing their land.

According to Digging up Britain 2021, the search for deep agricultural bases has increased by 166%. And searches for ditch works and field drainage have increased by 55%. Other activities such as fencing and planting hedges and subsoiling, which are essential for land management, flood risk and food production, have also sparked research.

LSBUD data identifies 4,199 additional forest-related searches – 676 ​​for tree planting (a 67% increase), 1170 for tree felling and 319 for pruning and topping.

Other projects including agricultural sites included 2,414 searches for mast sites (a substantial increase of 351%). And solar farm projects rose for a third year, to 1,011 searches, a 206% increase from the previous year.

LSBUD gathered the data by analyzing the record 3,078,670 search requests that passed through its portal in 2020. The total number of searches passing through the portal increased 9% from the previous year and represented 77% of all excavations carried out in Brittany.

“Since more than three-quarters of all excavation work carried out in the UK is preceded by a thorough search of our portal – that’s over three million projects every year – it’s safe to say that our data provides a clear picture of what’s going on in the world of excavation. 2020 has been a amortization year for many, but we’re excited to see farmers continue to support our Safe Digging message, protecting themselves and their communities from damage, flooding, broadband shutdown and a myriad of other consequences that can come with hitting an underground pipe or cable. Let’s continue this momentum in 2021 and beyond, ”concluded Broome.


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