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Student: Isabelle Marchio

The school: Peninsula High School

Category: Music, art and theater

Ella Marchio’s resume is filled with awards and accolades in music and theater.

It all started in 2019 when she landed a role in the musical “Once on This Island.” She took the class just to earn art credit.

“What I didn’t know was that this simple decision would become one of my greatest passions,” she said. “No one had prepared me for the process of creating a show for an audience or for the remarkable and literally unique feeling of performing and being part of something bigger than yourself. The only word I can use to describe this experience is “unparalleled” because it shaped the rest of my high school career and sparked an interest I never knew existed.

Ella Marchio

Scene credits

Since then, Ella has appeared in “Anne of Green Gables”, “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and “Emma – A Pop Musical” to name a few. She has had lead roles in productions at PHS and also at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse and in this spring’s school production of “Cinderella.” She also studied at Seattle’s Children’s Theater and 5and Avenue Theatre.

Musically, Ella has represented PHS at the COMBMEA Solo/Ensemble Competition; WMEA All State, All-National and All-Northwest Choirs; UPS High School Northwest Honor Choir; the virtual choir Eric Whitacre and as a lobby singer in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker. She also won awards for her solo performances in school choir concerts and auditioned for American Idol and The Voice.

She and another student were the first students in PHS history to be part of the All National Choir in 2020 and 2021.

She applied to “a ton of east coast colleges,” she said, but decided to stay close to home. She is heading to Pacific Lutheran University this fall to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater.

“They have a great music program and I love the idea of ​​being so close,” she said. Although she isn’t sure what the future holds for her after college, she is interested in career opportunities in music therapy.

Find solace in song

PHS school counselor Ben Wagner describes Ella as a strong scholar, an active member of musical theater groups, and a leader in her community.

“Her accomplishments on stage are impressive on their own, but are even more impressive when understood in the context of the adversity she has faced since she was young,” he said.

“She was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when she was seven years old. She found solace in singing and performing, and persevered through emotional, social, and physical pain. On stage, that fades and Ella is able to tap into the aspects of her personality that really shine.

Kara Beloate, a PHS performing arts teacher, admires Ella’s ability to smile and stay positive, even when it’s really hard.

“Like when she had to take my CWU jazz dance class online. Every day I looked at that computer screen and there was Ella, smiling SO big, nodding, her eyes lit up, engaging and participating. It takes courage,” Beloate said.

Balancing classroom work with other responsibilities was sometimes a challenge, Ella said.

“I always want to be someone my family is proud of, and getting good grades is really important to me. But often times I get so caught up in academic validation that I forget a lot of things in my life that should matter. greater or even equal importance. Like many students, I have had my fair share of arduous and time-consuming classes and have had to learn to create harmony with my other responsibilities. Sometimes there is so much going on in at the same time as you have to learn to keep your balance and to breathe.

Ella Marchio

The school: Peninsula High School

Category: Music, art and theater

GPA: 3.93

Parents: Perry and Emilie Marchio

Activities/achievements: Theater Advisor; vice-president of the choir; National Society of Secondary School Scholarship Holders; representative of Cora Voce; Football – Port Football Club; West Narrows Football; joint venture PHS; One of two history students to represent PHS in All National Choir

Favorite teacher: Lisa Mills, district music teacher at Vaughn Elementary. “She was my first exposure to music and without her I wouldn’t be pursuing my love for music.”

The best thing about PHS: “Inclusiveness. There seems to be something for everyone and our programs are very flexible. Also, many of our larger programs – like the performing arts programs – are very responsive. »

Advice for young students: Be your biggest fan, be kind to yourself, and recognize what is and isn’t in your control. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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