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Combining visual art and music, DJ Mo Laudi inaugurated his very first art exhibition at the Galerie Bonne Espérance in Paris, entitled Globalisto Fair.

The exhibition, which ran from June 17 to September 30, featured works that celebrate South African artists, on the mark with the goal of the gallery that hosted the exhibition, which is to showcase South African culture. Salon Globalisto seeks to do the same; South African DJ Mo Laudi not only curated artwork by various artists from his country, but also showcased his own art every Sunday at the exhibition.

Title, A conversation with Gérard Sekoto, the performance features the voice of the late South African painter and musician Gerard Sekoto, combined with the ‘meditative oriental crystal sounds of DJ Mo Laudi with arpeggiators referring to techno music’. Sekoto’s songs, often inspired by traditional spirituals, came out in the late 1950s and are intimate reflections of black culture, tackling topics such as protest, struggle and slavery.

Laudi wanted to use the music and art of Sekoto because, while the painter is widely recognized in South Africa for his talent, he is rarely represented on the French art scene, although the artist lived and worked in Paris. from 1947 until his death in 1993.

On Saturday October 2, DJ Mo Laudi will perform in Paris during the celebration of the Magic Issue of Flaunt, now available.

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