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As a listed company and one of Malaysia’s leading property developers, UEM Sunrise believes that its actions today can shape the world of tomorrow.

The company strives to bring values ​​to all its stakeholders. To ensure that its actions can create positive impacts, the company regularly engages with its communities to understand their challenges and the changing needs of society.

UEM Sunrise established its Sustainability Blueprint 1.0 in 2021 to further strengthen its sustainability program while emphasizing its commitment to supporting the nation’s ambitions and goals. The company ensures that the agenda is incorporated into its business strategy as it plays its role in nation building.

The Sustainability Blueprint 1.0 sets out the company’s sustainability roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The plan is also in line with the Malaysian government’s aspiration to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 towards a sustainable Malaysia. , resilient and inclusive.

EMU Sunrise is committed to achieving carbon neutrality 2050 and will kick off its journey by building towards a low carbon future by 2030. This will be followed by achieving zero ambition 2040 before reaching the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Save our Malayan Tigers with MYCATAlong with the Year of the Tiger and marking UEM Sunrise’s commitment to biodiversity conservation, the company introduced the adorable ‘Happy Tiger’ characters to highlight the plight of the people in decline of Malayan tigers. There are now less than 150 Malayan tigers left.

Recognizing the importance of protecting our national animal and a symbol of courage in safeguarding our biodiversity and the future of our children, UEM Sunrise is committed to raising awareness and making a monetary donation through the #SendHappyTigerHome game. The “Send Happy Tiger Home” is the UEM Sunrise mini-game. during its “Happy Duo Duo” Chinese New Year and “Ini Baru Raya” Hari Raya campaigns.

Participants had to answer eight questions and complete the game by clearing the tiger track of snares and traps, sending the Happy Tiger home safely, reflecting the real dangers our tigers face. With each game completed, RM100 went to Happy Tiger Bank to help meet the RM22,200 pledged to support Malayan Tiger conservation efforts.

Thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of the public, the company has fulfilled its financial commitment to help protect our endangered cats. The donation of RM22,200 was made to the Malaysian Tiger Conservation Alliance (MyCat) on International Tiger Day.

Strategic collaborations with like-minded partners such as MYCAT align with the company’s sustainability pillar which anchors UEM Sunrise’s 1.0 sustainability plan alongside other pillars such as quality of life, affordability and resilience. UEM Sunrise aims to achieve its sustainability goals through stakeholder engagement initiatives, including establishing strategic cooperations to support various causes such as biodiversity conservation.

As part of the national business month campaign “Inspiring Malaysia” National and Malaysia Day, UEM Sunrise gathered its core volunteers to join “Citizen Action for Tigers Walk” (CAT Walk); a form of anti-poaching and anti-deforestation monitoring march organized by MyCat. The march marked the conclusion of the #SendHappyTigerHome initiative.

“The Malayan Tiger is on the brink of extinction with fewer than 150 left in the wild. In our mission to save tigers together, we are delighted to join forces with like-minded nature-loving partners such as EMU Sunrise.

“After more than a decade of CAT Walk, over 2,000 volunteers have come out to protect and restore critical tiger habitat. Persistent vigilance and action allowed the local ecosystem to recover as well as the tigers and their prey. This was made possible through the efforts of the public and the long-term support of corporate donors.

“I hope more Malaysian companies will follow this example and get directly involved in the ecosystem restoration effort with the tiger as a flagship species,” said Dr. Kae Kawanishi, tiger biologist and chief executive of MYCAT.

“Like us, to survive, tigers need large, healthy forests. By saving tigers, we are also saving our biodiversity and making development sustainable for all,” she added. for collaborations with local artists in support of environmental and animal conservation efforts in its sales galleries.

Having its sales galleries showcasing works by local artists and becoming a space for various community-led art activities, UEM Sunrise aims to generate interest and awareness in environmental and animal conservation as well as preserving cultural heritage as they work and strengthen ties with the community.

“Our sales galleries are evolving to be more than just spaces for showcasing our developments and transactions for sale, but platforms that encourage innovation and nurture the creativity of the community. We hope we can work with our local artists on a deeper level to develop a self-reliant community that not only champions wildlife conservation, but also champions art as a form of expression and a way to support the economy. local,” UEM Sunrise said. managing director, Sufian Abdullah.

UEM Sunrise has teamed up with environmental and wildlife conservation artist Suzi Chua to launch ‘K’Artulistiwa’. The initiative was launched at the company’s latest sales gallery, KAIA Heights at Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan. The exhibition has been open to the public since March 12, 2022 and admission is free.

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