David Rubenstein donates $ 10 million to Lincoln Center for Performing Arts



David Rubenstein donated $ 10 million to Lincoln Center for Performing Arts.

According to a press release, the donation aims to expand artistic and civic engagement initiatives, particularly at the Atrium that bears his name. The David Rubenstein Atrium has showcased artists from around the world and commissioned over 45 original works. It was also used as a polling place, food distribution site, and even as a “Create a Tuna” in support of the 2020 census.

“With David’s founding gift a decade ago, he opened Lincoln Center even further to provide free programming to a diverse audience,” Katherine Farley, Lincoln Center board chair, said in a statement. Press. “This new gift will expand that service and deepen so many shared values ​​of the arts and democracy.”

“I passionately believe that our cultural landscape and our civic landscape are inexorably linked; that the arts present us with worldviews beyond our own, and that civic engagement is made more complete, more cohesive, through enjoyment and participation in the arts, ”added Rubenstein. “I am so impressed with the transformation of Lincoln Center during these incredibly difficult times. As we look forward to the next decade at the Atrium, I am proud to support the expansion of this work, where the arts and civic engagement are at the heart.


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