Dalara Williams Joins Moogahlin Performing Arts as Artistic Associate 2021



Moogahlin Performing Arts is pleased to welcome actor and writer Gumbaynggirr / Wiradjuri Dalara Williams as artistic associate in 2021. This appointment heralds a new era for the company’s artistic journey, being the first time an artist has joined ranks outside the founding years.

Dalara lives in Sydney in Gadigal / Bidjigal country and expresses herself through performing and visual arts. She started acting in 2010, enrolling at Eora TAFE and graduated from Australia’s First Drama School NIDA in 2017. She has performed with theater companies such as Darlinghurst Theater, Belvoir St Theater, STC , Malthouse and Ilbijerri. His on-screen credits include Wayne Blairs Top End Wedding, The Flood, Get Krack! N and ABC’s Black Comedy Series 3 and 4.

As part of the Yellamundie festival organized by Moogahlin in 2021, Dalara’s play The Lookout was selected along with six other First Nations stories through theater, dance and composition for a first two-week development with actors, directors and First Nations playwrights.

As artistic associate, Dalara will continue to develop The Lookout at the end of 2021, working with Moogahlin co-founders Liza-Mare Syron and Lily Shearer, drawing on their decades of experience in the clothing industry. scenic arts.

Co-Founder and Artistic Director Lily Shearer said: “It’s exciting to have Dalara aboard the Moogahlin Performing Arts family as the third Artistic Associate, following former Artistic Co-Directors Andrea James and Dr Liza-Mare. Syron as principal partners. We had the opportunity to accompany Dalara in her evolution as a storyteller and performer over the past 8 years, she brings her experience to share so that the relationship is reciprocal and is an asset for the team!

Moogahlin has championed the development of artists and Blak’s performances since 2007. Dalara’s appointment reinforces the company’s commitment to building future artistic leadership and helping to create opportunities for emerging arts practitioners.

Moogahlin CEO Ali Murphy-Oates said, “Moogahlin is a company created by and for our artists and our community. The devastating impacts of the industry shutdown in 2020 have proven the inequity and imbalances in our industry – especially our over-casualization of artists and our reliance on a concert economy. More than ever, we have a responsibility to support and create space for the future of Blak’s artistic leadership, and Dalara joining us as an artistic associate is just the beginning.

Moogahlin (Muu-gah-lin) is a Yuin / Bundjalung word meaning to play, to have fun. Moogahlin Performing Arts Incorporated is New South Wales’ premier First Peoples performing arts company.

Moogahlin develops, produces and presents new works, is strongly connected to the community and is committed to nurturing First Peoples performing arts practitioners at local, regional and national levels by creating platforms for arts creators of the emerging and established scene. Moogahlin was formed in Redfern NSW in November 2007, in honor of the late Kevin Smith’s request and in memory of the founding members of the National Black Theater.

The company’s vision is a First Peoples community and culturally empowered performing arts sector. Moogahlin’s goal is to inspire First Peoples communities and performing arts practitioners to tell their stories, and to provide opportunities for those stories to be developed and presented. This is done in three ways. The first is through an ambitious and solid core artistic program that involves developing and producing new distinctive, intercultural and interdisciplinary performance works, and regional development. The second is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for artists and communities to share their stories regarding First Peoples cultural practices and protocols. Third, Moogahlin invests time and energy to support the growth and expansion of the organization and the industry.


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