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BILLERIQUE DU NORD, Mass., September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Curriculum Associates’ Mathematics in the i-Ready classroom for students in grades 6 to 8 was recently named a highly regarded program by, an independent non-profit organization that conducts evidence-based reviews of educational materials. After taking a comprehensive exam using the organization’s updated and more rigorous assessment rubric, expert educators at found that the standards-aligned basic math curriculum met the expectations for all assessment criteria from grades 6 to 8. conducts in-depth third-party reviews to increase the ability of teachers, administrators, and leaders to research, identify, and demand the highest quality educational materials to enhance and deepen student learning. The organization’s review process includes a three-gate system in which a “green” rating means the program meets expectations for a given set of criteria.

Mathematics in the i-Ready classroom for grades 6 to 8 met expectations for all criteria for each level with a “green” rating for the following:

  1. Gateway 1 — Focus & Coherence: Examines how well a program aligns with standards and makes connections to prior and future learning
  2. Gateway 2 — Rigor & Mathematical Practices: Examines how a program fully integrates all standards of mathematical practice as intended
  3. Gateway 3 — Ease of Use: Examines curriculum design of student materials, resources available to support instruction, and support for teachers

With this latest review, the whole I-Ready-to-use classroom mathematics program for grades K-8 now has an “all green” rating from The entire curriculum has been identified as being attentive to the full meaning of all mathematical practices, which are the common standards at all grade levels that focus on classroom activities and student habits. These standards define what mastery of mathematics means to students.

“We believe that all-green assessments should be the norm for all of our math programs,” said Rob waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “This latest review maintains our long history of receiving top marks from and strengthens the power of Mathematics in the i-Ready classroom by helping educators deliver meaningful and effective math instruction for all K-8 students, regardless of the learning environment. ”

Mathematics in the i-Ready classroom helps teachers deliver speech-based instruction while allowing students to think mathematically and discuss mathematical ideas. Its tiered print and online resources work cohesively to support the teaching and learning process. The program uses multi-day lessons and instructional routines to help students understand important math concepts, make connections between multiple math strategies, and deepen their conceptual understanding by leading the majority of the class discussion. There are also frequent opportunities for practice and assessment to ensure students understand concepts and to help teachers make instructional decisions.

The program includes a variety of professional learning resources that are built into the start of each unit and built into each lesson. It also offers professional advice to support English learners, including language differentiation strategies that provide scaffolds for the five WIDA language proficiency levels and ideas for community and cultural responsiveness that can be incorporated during the lesson.

When used with I-Ready diagnostic and its Prerequisite report, Mathematics in the i-Ready classroom also helps educators better understand unfinished learning, identify student gaps, and effectively balance the teaching of prerequisite skills with current grade level content.

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