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If Alpena is Art Town (and she is), we can thank a large collection of talented artists, a supportive audience, and the hard work of activists like the Thunder Bay Arts Council, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary and 10th anniversary this year. his gallery.

At first, the gallery’s funders thought eight to ten artists would be a good start.

“Well, 18 is the lowest number we’ve had,” Board member Midge Connon told News Lifestyles editor Darby Hinkley for a recent story. “Our initial reason was that we thought we needed to do more for visual artists. “

And they did more. The gallery provides a premier space for artists to display and sell their work, helping artists establish themselves and earn some money and adding flavor to the artistic expression that is Alpena.

Art, beyond conveying meaning, simply lights up a city, gives it character and charm, and adds to the reasons for residents to go out and visit foreigners.

For that, we say thank you, Arts Council, and congratulations on your important milestones.

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