Chad Smith denies fear of ‘Haunted’ Chili Peppers studio

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has refuted the long-held suggestion that he was too scared to move into a ‘haunted’ mansion with his bandmates in 1991 to record Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

It was a groundbreaking time for the band, who worked with producer Rick Rubin on the LP that secured their future. In order to focus their energies, they had decided to live together in a room that would also serve as a studio – but Smith would return home after the sessions rather than stay with the others.

In a recent conversation with Variety, frontman Anthony Kiedis recalled the experience. “We did not leave [the house] during weeks. Then we go in there and find out that this place is famous for its spirits and hauntings and paranormal activity,” the singer admitted. “It wasn’t a big deal for us whether it was or not. Our only thing was, ‘I have to go finish this song.’ »

Although Smith was the only member of the group not to spend the night at the property, he insisted it had nothing to do with supernatural fear. “I know we talked about it: ‘Chad was scared of the house,'” the drummer noted. “No, I had literally just met my first wife, and I didn’t want to hang out with those fucking guys after hanging out with them all day!”

Meanwhile, bassist Flea recalled that he had fully accepted the mansion’s indefinable vibe. “I’m not a psychic, but we felt a lot of things in this house, and some of them would blow your hair out – things moving, noises, voices,” the bassist said. “I know there are spirits all around us – the things that give us memories, thoughts and ideas. … There’s all this unseen world, and when we walked into this house, we found ourselves really immersed in it.

“You can’t just get good musicians together and tell them to go do something beautiful,” he continued. “You have to have help. The spirits have to believe in you, they have to age you, they have to be there for you, they have to guide you, they have to protect you, they have to speak through you. When you surrender to this world and you consciously let go and let it speak, beautiful things happen.

The new Chili Peppers album Unlimited love will arrive on April 1.

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