Center for the Performing Arts welcomes Zionsville resident Ana Hammersley


August 2021

Please join us in welcoming a new resident of Zionsville and the new Development Officer for the Center for the Performing Arts and the Great American Songbook Foundation in Carmel — Ana Hammersley.

Recognizing that Hammersley brings extensive experience in fundraising for the performing arts, the Center for the Performing Arts and the affiliated Great American Songbook Foundation recently appointed her to serve both organizations.

Meet Ana Hammersley

Hammersley previously held key fundraising positions at the Orlando Science Center and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, both in Orlando, Florida. She received a BA from Rollins College and received training through her Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. She and her husband Hoosier recently moved to the Zionsville area to live close to their family.

“My husband’s family is from the Danville area, and this job was just what I was looking for,” explained Hammersley. “We had our first child last June, and we had this urge to come home to have grandma and grandpa close by. We had looked at the Zionsville, Brownsburg, and Carmel areas, and Zionsville was a perfect mix of whatever is ideal for us. We are in the Royal Run area, and there are the friendliest people I have ever met. ‘Midwest nice’ is real! And we have it all close by – it’s amazing how it all came together for us in so many ways. We feel very lucky.

Set immediate and long-term goals

In his new role, Hammersley will develop and manage fundraising campaigns focused on individual donors, including the Annual Fund and Planned Giving Program. She will establish new relationships at the local and national level to expand the donor base of the Center and the Songbook Foundation.

Hammersley shared some of her personal and professional goals as she settles into her new community and new role.

“My personal goals are to become more rooted in the community of Zionsville where I live and the community of Carmel where I work,” said Hammersley. “One of my [professional] objectives is to learn more about the history of Carmel and all the spaces that immediately surround the Center in order to truly understand how we fit into the community.

Hammersley continued, “Of course I’m part of the development team, so my goals are always related to supporting this wonderful performing arts center, which also includes support from resident companies and other community partners. throughout the year. In order to pursue the vision of uplifting the arts and giving Central Indiana the opportunity to see amazing shows and participate in the educational and outreach programs available, we also need financial and volunteer support.

Theater and fundraising go hand in hand

In addition to being successful in the art of fundraising and developing the arts, Hammersley is also an accomplished artist.

“I love being on stage and being an artist,” Hammersley said. “My chosen art form being improvised comedy and having luckily lived in Orlando, Florida, there is a fantastic improvised theater called SAK Comedy Lab. This is where Wayne Brady made his debut, and it has been going on for over 25 years.

Hammersley studied improvisation in college and has been a part of SAK’s professional ensemble since 2010. When asked how her improvisational skills helped her develop her fundraising and advocacy skills arts organizations, she replied, “Improvisation is a fun art form, and I have been fortunate enough to do so throughout my adult life. It ties into what I do, and I joke about it all the time, but fundraising and acting have a lot of qualities in common that you wouldn’t expect. Whenever someone asks, “How do you ask someone for money?” I tell them that I have done theater all my life, I am not afraid of rejection.

Hammersley added, “I think my improv work has made me a better member of the fundraising and development team. It’s a weird marriage, but I really appreciate it.

Center for the Performing Arts CEO / President Jeffrey McDermott shared his thoughts on what Hammersley brings to the team.

“We are fortunate to have someone with Ana’s background and industry experience on our team,” McDermott said. “Working with individual donors means more than asking for money. Our donors provide insightful advice and serve as key community ambassadors, sharing our message and providing feedback that keeps us in tune with the needs of our clients. Maintaining and building these relationships is essential to the health and strength of the organization. “

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