Biz people, artists find a place in an advocacy shop


THE BEST OF THE CORDILLÈRE. An advocacy boutique at the Porta Vaga shopping center in Baguio city’s main drag, Session Road, hosts products from 29 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), craft makers in addition to 30 budding visual artists . The “Layad of Kordilyera“, made up of a core group of nine people, is helping producers of Cordillera products earn money during the pandemic by selling their products. (ANP photo by Liza T. Agoot)

CITY OF BAGUIO – Small entrepreneurs making products from the Cordillera and visual artists have additional space to display and sell their items at “Layad of Kordilyera“located in one of the local Session Road malls.

Jogin Rey Tamayo, cartoonist at Baguio Midland Courier, the region’s oldest weekly newspaper, said on Wednesday that the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid-19) provides an opportunity to collaborate and partner with artists visuals and budding crafts of the city and other provinces of the region.

From a core group of nine people who practice different art forms, they brought together around 29 people interested in crafts and 30 art painters with potentials whose items are on display in the shop.

“When the pandemic started we decided to bring entrepreneurs together because there were a lot of them who lost their jobs, establishments closed, so in a way we are helping them make a living during the pandemic” , said Tamayo, who was once a sports journalist.

“This is the best of the Cordillera exhibit, from food to non-food like crafts and painting,” he said.

He said sales are released every two weeks or at the end of the month, keeping just a little as a rental payment for the space they use.

“Strength in numbers, his friend namin na nagpapatak-patak (many of us participate) for the rent, ”he said.

Tamayo, who returned to the country permanently after about 10 years with his children and his wife in Canada as a migrant worker, said exhibitors left the items they sold at the store.

Among the vendors is a group that makes bags.

“I’ve always wanted a place in Session Road where I could exhibit my paintings,” Tamayo said.

From a simple art gallery, the group formed the “Layad of Kordilyera(From the Cordillera with love) to also welcome other budding artists. The estate officially opened on Wednesday.

It houses a cafe using locally grown coffee products, a sales area for various handicrafts made from indigenous materials or made by cordilleras, food and non-food products from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) assisted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

“It’s like a gallery and an arts and crafts retail space,” Tamayo said.

He said the purpose of “Layad”Is not to earn income from the products but to provide space for the products and works of people who are just starting out but showing potential.

Among the items on display and for sale are bread, coffee, tea, jams, wines, vinegar and gourmet vinegar, rings, pine needle products, wood and bamboo products, products paper and dog clothes.

Youngest exhibitor

7-year-old Fielle Estrada started joining Tamayo’s special class painting workshops in the past. She is the youngest among 30 artists from the region whose work is exhibited at the HeArtworx Art Gallery in Layad Di Kordilyera.

His work “Four Seasons” accompanies the pieces of his mother, Fey Esper, and his grandmother Marie, also exhibited and on sale at the gallery.

Tamayo said the shop keeps 20% of the selling price of a painting, which he hopes will continue to help new artists have a place to display their work.

He said he used to do paint shops in remote schools before the pandemic, where they also gave paint and brushes to learners.

When the pandemic started, he then hosted an online workshop while in Canada.

Naisip ko walang makalabas kaya nagturo ako online to earn money. Hindi lang for the financial aspect dahil marami sa kanila ang nakapagbenta ng painting, mental problems din na mai ginagawa ka sa bahay na di ka nabo-bore (I thought that because people couldn’t go out, I could do an online conference which proved not only financially helpful but also mentally beneficial, keeping people from being bored at home) ”, he said. -he declares.

Tamayo said their vision is not just to sell the products locally, but to bring the items overseas with many exciting Cordillera made items available. (ANP)

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