Batman’s son Batboy has almost ruled DC’s entire future


As a tribute to the “what if” stories of the Silver Age, starring the children of DC’s main heroes, Ross viewed the premise as a limited series.

Legendary artist Alex Ross almost brought that of batman son “Batboy” to the comics as a leading hero in the future of the DC Universe. As a tribute to the “what if” stories of the Silver Age, starring the children of DC’s main heroes, Ross viewed the premise as a limited series.

Bruce Wayne has had a handful of biological children over the years, including Helena Wayne AKA Huntress and Damian AKA Robin. However, for a long time Bruce’s only children were his sidekicks. Throughout the Silver Age, many imaginary storylines were incorporated into the comics, often incorporating the future. While none of the ideas ever stuck, they were a fun gimmick to consider how the DC’s status quo could change. Photorealistic painter Alex Ross revealed his own idea for such a comic in Rough Justice: Alex Ross’s DC Comics Sketches, with its sketches, concept art and commentary.


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Among the conceptual sketches of Summary justice is an Alex Ross cover mockup depicting “Batboy,” Batman’s future son. Sitting inside the Batcave with Superboy around the corner, the fully realized future of the DC Universe appears on its screens. The adult Teen Titans stand outside the Hall of Justice, implying their status as the new Justice League. Originally presented by Ross as a two or three issue story moving DC into the distant future, Bat boy unfortunately never seen a publication.

In Summary justice, Ross wrote of the pitch saying: “At the same time, I launched the Justice series I was working on a radically different project idea that I became obsessed with. Some concepts take hold of you and capture your imagination despite the fact that they may seem absurd. Conceived as a prestige two- or three-issue series, Batboy was an ambitious show of “make-believe” stories about the super-sons of Batman and Superman. ” Preceding the Super-Sons duo of Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, Ross’s concept was first on the scene. Ross also had plenty of ideas for other children’s stories belonging to both the heroes and villains of the DC Universe.

As seen on the cover, even the Joker has a daughter who follows in his footsteps. While such an idea may not fly in the comics today, this is exactly the type of character that would appear in imaginary Silver Age storylines. Elaborating on DC’s theoretical future, Ross said: “Maturation at Superwoman and Batwoman for Kara and Barbara; an older Joker with his daughter; other adult children of the JLA, with Aquaman’s son Arthur Jr. (risen from the dead in my idealistic future); and the children of Flash, the Tornado Twins; early college guardianship by Harvey Dent (cured of his two-faced character) for young master Wayne; the retired and loving assembly of the old Justice League; the new Justice League in the form of the adult Teen Titans; a little sister of Helena Wayne; the only original Leaguer still active, Green Lantern; and the Flying Batmobile.

DC’s future does not currently include Bat boy, but it’s ironic that Jon, among other heroes, takes on the role of their parents in the ongoing series. In retrospect, Alex Ross’s ideas weren’t far removed from the real future.

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