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Ayesha Mubarik Ali is a passionate young creative artist in Pakistan. From perceptions to preferences, her unique ideas, abilities and actions personify the prosperous youth of countries, especially women. She explores the world from a different perspective and brings them to life with her unparalleled art. Nothing can stop her from gaining significant notoriety in today’s fashion and art world which speaks volumes about women’s empowerment.

In her own words, she talks about what it means to be an artist to her:

“Being an artist should mean more than just selling a product. There has to be more to it and there are tons of issues to tackle. I feel responsible for becoming a voice for many and trying to resonate with a larger audience, but it’s an ongoing journey. For me, the idea of ​​creative freedom means exploring myself, my identity, but trying to bring it closer to others, to make it relevant to viewers. -Ayesha M. Ali

HER IDEAS, ABILITIES AND JOB – Ayesha is consistent in her work and continues to work hard, think outside the box, and go beyond her imagination to bring something unique, inspiring and amazing. She is known for her talent which shows in her collaborative work that stands out in the industry.

She has designed outfits and styled renowned models, namely Aaminah Sheikh, Trinette, Zaara Peerzada, Eman Suleman, Sonia Nazir, Alia Ali and many more. But his creativity does not stop there. One of his recent works includes ‘Shared Space-Cosmic Collisions’ which is a wonderful truck artwork that depicts cultural resurrection, astro-futurism, modern science and space travel while reimagining digital / hyper-real imagery of the local context, portraying Pakistan’s culture in a new light.

She has also contributed her creative thinking and conceptualization by providing costume designs in numerous short films. Thanks to her background in styling and design, she is now moving towards self-managed projects that focus more on initiatives that can have a real positive impact on society.

DOES AYESHA GIVE A NEW MEANING TO DIGITAL ART AND FASHION? – unlike others, Ayesha Mubarik Ali has represented Pakistan globally and has achieved unparalleled recognition for her creative and innovative ideas. One of his recent “Dark Skies Gaze Back” projects under the Cosmic Tribe banner really epitomizes his ability to infuse AI into fashion. It was a collaborative effort with space engineer Rayan Khan, to explore the relationship between sustainable fashion, light effects, surveillance and digital design.

Ayesha’s contribution to this project was to provide unique costumes and performance as a talented visual artist and costume designer. Rayan and Ayesha are also the co-founders of Cosmic Tribe, and their collaboration has brought provocative artistic expression with unique facial jewelry and scientific research behind the costumes that represent the empowerment of women as well as the broader narrative of awareness raising. light pollution. All his skills and abilities are focused on ultra-modern and unique ideas. Her digital art in “Dark Skies Gaze Back” uses mixed references to conventional jewelry and attire while giving a clear narrative of female self-expression in digital artwork.

Using discarded kitchen utensils and materials, she gave new meaning to instrumental interference with several works of art such as Distortion of Divine Dichotomy, Wishful Warrior, and some unrepairable malleability arts, namely Untraceable, Iron Woman, Secured Semiotics of Digital Print, All that Glitters, should be Gold, The impetus of Absurdity (Series), and more. Those who wish to preserve and own these unique digital works of art can get their hands on them by acquiring them with non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OSHII BROWNIE STUDIO? – following her ambitions, she founded Oshii Brownie Studio which explores beauty, absurdity, fashion and style in an inimitable way. His efforts challenge the digital mapping of emotions by producing a virtual and intelligent fashion show where designer robots approach the human presence through unique outfits and sounds.

Oshii Brownie is an artists’ initiative that strives to challenge mainstream fashion by connecting art and fashion and providing unique options to cater to dark skin tones and other diverse individuals. For those looking for aesthetic AI-powered products and multimedia art experiences, Oshii Brownie is the place to check out.

In Japanese, “Oshii” means “delicious” while the word “Brownie” is dedicated to the color of brown skin. So, like a delicious, edible brownie, the idea behind it is that brown skin should be recognized because it is incredibly beautiful. That’s all Oshii Brownie is trying to shout out. And this brand is completely dedicated to creating trendy and futuristic clothing that reflects the science fiction and drama of the local context.

“I felt the need to create experiential art. Art that truly defines the essence of South Asian aesthetics, but in a futuristic way. Oshii Brownie aims to become a platform that empowers other digital artists in Pakistan and the vision is to become a space that brings together technical craftsmanship with AI-powered design and prototyping. It is a challenge yes, especially in Pakistan where art is not accessible outside gallery spaces but it is the future towards which we are heading ”- Ayesha M. Ali

HOW AYESHA MUBARIK ALI IMPOSES TECHNOLOGY ON CREATIVITY? – bringing the two worlds together is the result of modern high-end technology that allows Ayesha and her Oshii Brownie initiative to go beyond their perceptions. Apart from sartorial art, the brand is also interested in infusing future digital art projects under the name NFT, commonly referred to as the non-fungible token, putting all original creations and concept pieces stored in a blockchain that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

Ayesha Mubarik Ali has devoted all her efforts to bringing an all-in-one place for those who love digital art. From wearable clothing to artwork, everything Oshii Brownie has to offer is dedicated to promoting a new meaning, interest and love for digital sewing and its ever-growing demand around the world.

Ayesha believes that NFT is not just an industry but the future of digital artists. Not only does she get good awards for her creative work, but those who collect these digitally designed objects have the opportunity to witness a new world of creativity, imagination and futurism. By exclusively combining the unique capabilities of light with AI and digital design skills, she brings something mind-blowing art that promotes the radical world of digital art with a focus on empowering women.

AYESHA MUBARIK ALI IS SOON TO REACH THE HIGHEST HORIZON — Ayesha’s hard work and dedication proves that she is committed to excelling at her best in digital art. From her work to unique initiatives like the creation of Oshii Brownie, everything she focuses on is dedicated to empowering women and a love of digital art. Nothing can prevent it from introducing new standards, trends and practices in the field of local and international fashion. We wish him the best for all his future endeavors!

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