“Artists should be celebrated only because of their work”

Bhumi Pednekar on Gender Neutral Performing Arts Awards (Photo credit – Instagram)

Hours after Brian May, guitarist for British rock band Queen, criticized Brit Awards management’s decision to cut gender awards, Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar spoke out in favor of the move, saying that it was about time that human beings started celebrating performers regardless of their gender.

The Brit Awards, which celebrate the best in British and international music, replaced Best Male / Female Solo Artist of the Year and Best International Male / Female Solo Artist of the Year with two gender neutral categories – Best Artist and Best International Artist of the Year, respectively.

Bhumi Pednekar, who is known for voicing her opinions on gender and environment issues, says society needs to be more open to the reality that unfolds every day.

Fighting for inclusiveness, Bhumi Pednekar said, “I have always believed that gender should not be important in determining the value of an artist’s skill or creation. Artists should be celebrated only for their work and not for the way they choose to identify themselves. “

Almost echoing the sentiments of Grammy-best-selling English “genderqueer” singer and songwriter Sam Smith, who was concerned that the award categories would exclude non-binary artists like himself, Pednekar said: “People identify with each other. to various genres and we can not turn a blind eye to this reality.

Bhumi Pednekar praised the Brit Awards leadership for ‘getting rid of gender awards’ and said:’ We need to make sure our society recognizes gender diversity. I salute the Brit Awards. It’s a step in the right direction and shows from around the world will follow soon.

Bhumi Pednekar added a note of caution, saying the journey to more inclusiveness should not come at the cost of representation. “We also have to keep in mind that while we try to be more inclusive, it shouldn’t lead to less representation or less inclusion of genres in a world ruled by the binary lens. It would be counterproductive for equality.

More recently, the Berlin Film Festival awarded its first-ever Gender Neutral Silver Bear for Best Principal Performance to Maren Eggert for her role in the German sci-fi romance “I’m Your Man”.

The Gotham Awards, which will be held on Monday, November 29, also announced that their Best Actor and Best Actress awards will be combined into one main performance category.

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