Artists make their mark in downtown Bar Harbor


This winter kiosk cover prototype was created by students of the Summer Festival of the Arts.

HILL CITY – Members of the island’s arts community continue to make their mark in town – this time they turn to Bar Harbor parking kiosks.

ArtWaves, a non-profit organization located in Town Hill, along with the Bar Harbor Parking Committee, are calling on local artists to help improve the wooden covers that protect the parking payment kiosks during the months of winter.

Community members can decorate the 21 booth covers throughout the month of October. Art supplies are provided free of charge by ArtWaves.

Eben Salvatore, Chair of the Parking Solutions Working Group, delivered primed blankets to the artists to decorate. The city then waterproofs the artist’s finished covers with polyurethane.

The city will decide which completed projects will be used on kiosks from November to May.

Some projects were made using a variety of mediums including stained glass mosaic, oil paint, graffiti style, and acrylic paint. Participating artists include Gabriella Bzezinski, Zoë Eason, Phoebe Zildjian, Kelly Cutler, Kim Nadel, Grace Munger, Sannah Chaplin, Cody Olsen, Liz Cutler and Linda Kelly.

Each booth artist will be recognized on the ArtWaves, Chamber of Commerce and City of Bar Harbor websites and social media at the end of the project in October.

Completed booth covers are expected on November 1.

For more details on this project or to provide suggestions for bringing more visual art to the community, email ArtWaves at [email protected]

Ninah Gile

Ninah Gile, originally from MDI, covers the city of Bar Harbor. She is happy to be back in Maine after earning a bachelor’s degree in San Diego from the University of California.

Ninah Gile

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