Artist Adam Himebauch Gains Neighborhood Recognition

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and provocative visual and performative artists of his time that no one really talks about anymore.

This is how the story tells the story of your favorite artists’ favorite artist, Adam Himebauch aka Mr. Downtown.*

Contemporary to Warhol in the 1960s, then flourishing throughout the decadent 90s, Himebauch rose to prominence with a series of groundbreaking, headline-grabbing performances and visual art movements. Paving the way for many expressions of modern art today, Himebauch’s art navigated between realities, touching and exploring the relationship between artistic expression, popular culture and the artist as a brand. . And despite a number of high-profile exhibitions and museum offerings at the end of his career, his name is barely mentioned in art history. (A high-profile documentary coming out later this year seeks to change all that).

The exhumation of Himebauch’s artistic contributions is timely, given the recent placement of the New York City Art Historic Site commemorative plaque at the foot of 2 Orchard Street at the corner of Division. For years Himebauch maintained a large underground studio at this address, which makes sense given his involvement with the popular restaurants above (Kiki’s and Forgtmenot).

*A nickname given to him by the Voice of the village on April 1, 1988 which apparently stalled.

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